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SWTOR: New Changes to Cartel Market Packs and Direct Sales

By Helen Keller2018-03-27

Bioware announces the new changes to Cartel Market Packs and Direct Sales, and all of you will begin to see the three key areas’ changes: direct sale of items, new items, and next Cartel Market pack on Tuesday, March 27th. Now, MmoGah (a professional swtor credits selling website) shows you the detailed contents what eric says in the following parts:

Hey folks,

Over the last year we’ve changed how we operate the Cartel Market based on your suggestions, including increasing the number of items and the frequency in limited time, direct purchase sales. Our goal is to give you more freedom to choose how you get your items. Want to get them out of packs? You still can! Want to get them directly? Now you can do that, too.


Starting with the Spring event on Tuesday, March 27th players will begin to see changes take shape in three key areas: direct sale of items, new items, and the next Cartel Market (CM) pack. This Spring event is a limited time event which will run from Tuesday, March 27th through Tuesday, April 17th. Check out each section below for specifics!


New Items

Been looking to get the new Dark Honor Guard’s Unstable Saber (it’s amazing) since the launch of Game Update 5.8 ‘Command Authority’? Well that saber along with all the new 5.8 Cartel Market items will be available for direct sale starting tomorrow, March 27th!


The Next CM Pack

Our new Cartel Pack will be called the “Ultimate Pack” will be available tomorrow as well and it works a bit differently than other packs:


Each pack contains 4 slots. Slots 1, 2, and 3 can contain any item ever released on the CM, including the new items coming in ‘Command Authority’ (Game Update 5.8), and any future items. Slot 4 will then contain either scrap, Companion Gifts, or a Dye Module. Dyes being in slot 4 is a big change from how it worked in older packs.


Pricing of the packs has been lowered; they can be purchased individually (200 CC), in a 10-pack Supercrate (1900 CC), or in a 30-pack Hypercrate (5400 CC).


Cartel Market Limited Time Sale

From Tuesday, April 3rd through Tuesday, April 17th almost every Cartel Market item will be available for direct sale! Maybe there is an item you have been waiting to see in our weekly sales, or, you just don’t want to throw the credits at it on the GTN. This will give you an opportunity to scoop that item up.


Let us know your thoughts! We appreciate your continued feedback.



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