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SWTOR KotFE Early Access-Companion System Changes

Early Access is a special reward for those subscribers who are very excited about this new expansion that signals a return to the BioWare story-telling roots. That is so cool! Entry to Early Access is announced when the official announces the new digital expansion and is a reward for all subscribers who are actively subscribed from July to early October.


For those who are not part of Early Access get excited, as you are still going to get access to some of the exciting game enhancements that come as part of the update. You will immediately notice that beginning today, October 20th, the official has made big changes to the gameplay on the core worlds as well as to Crafting, Combat, the Cartel Market, and more! Here MmoGah can’t wait to share Companion System Changes with all of you.


  • With the release of Game Update 4.0, all companion characters will now be able to switch among all three primary combat roles. When summoned, a companion’s portrait will display an icon signifying their current combat role. The combat role can be changed at any time (provided you are not currently in combat) by right clicking on their portrait, and selecting a new role.


  • When a companion’s combat role is changed, their ability bar will fully swap out for their updated role’s abilities.


  • This change is huge in terms of addressing the first goal of removing companion usage barriers. Are you a Jedi Consular who dreams of nothing but galactic adventures with Qyzen Fess, only to be foiled by the fact that you want a healer companion? Your longing has come to an end!


  • Beyond lowering barriers, though, this change is also extremely important for the storytelling purposes of our third goal. Now that any Companion can fill any role, we will no longer have situations where we can’t allow “serious consequences” to befall certain companions, just because it might leave a player with no other companion that can fill a given role.


Since the Early Access KotFE is released, more and more players have been enthusiastic about it again. The new digital expansion is really cool and amazing, as a result SWTOR has 50,000 subscribers. So, hurry up and subscribe it, then you will experience the wonderful KotFE. It happens that the Early Access KotFE is released before Halloween, so MmoGah will provide 3% SWTOR Gold discount code-Halloween. Here, I want to stress that MmoGah insists on providing safest and best gold selling service all the time (MmoGah never gains more orders by providing the cheapest SWTOR Gold without safety gurantee,  best gold seller's orders are not based on the cheapest price, but the safest and best service), maybe its gold price is not cheapest, but gold trade at MmoGah is 100% guaranteed, and so many elite players also agree with our principle. MmoGah is here waiting for you.


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