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SWTOR KotET 9 Chapters

It has been a week since the SWTOR – KotET was accessed, different from KotFE, the new update is really more popular among the new and veteran players. Especially its nine amazing chapters, let’s review together:

Chapter 1: Wrath and Ruin

Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows

Chapter 3: Dark Reunions

Chapter 4: Where Dreams Die

Chapter 5: Ascension

Chapter 6: The Dragon’s Maw

Chapter 7: Into the Void

Chapter 8: End Times

Chapter 9: The Eternal Throne


There are a lot of hot discussions about the nine chapters of KotET on the official forum, players just expressed their real thoughts about the new chapters, and some representative replies I think are listed in the following parts


FlavivsAetives said:

“I honestly was quite impressed with KotET compared to the last few expansions. Yeah, it seemed like it was filling in a lot of plotholes, but there are things you have to remember:


1. They said they’re doing more with Iokath, and it’s already been set up so we’re supposed to go back there and learn more about Scorpio’s past.


2. It did wrap up a lot of KotFE’s plotholes. The Alliance has a Fleet now, Valkorion explains that he visited Zakuul and hollowed out the mind of a great warrior named Valkorion to put his spirit in, and that’s why he has his new form. You also find out that Valkorion ate Ziost just to have something to feed off of to keep him going for another millenium. I guess he’s kind of like Nihilus and needs a large population to feed on every now and then.


3. There are some loose ends it doesn’t really wrap up. I do agree that Scourge should have had a big role (not so much Kira, she was controlled by the Emperor but didn’t actually know him). Satele should have appeared at some point, and the Scions should have helped you in Chapter 9 somehow. Revan’s “summoning” of him isn’t really explained still. And on that note, I was kinda hoping Revan's force ghost would have a minor role somehow, considering he was heavily tied to the Sith Emperor and also visited Nathema (where he was captured by Scourge, who again should have had a significant role).


4. In terms of Valkorion, they had set it up from the beginning that he was going to try and control you and stay the immortal emperor.


5. In terms of Vaylin’s power, You, Senya, and Arcann could all be strong enough force users that Vaylin couldn't break your mental defense like she could your average zakuul knight or sith or jedi.


However, as a whole I was really impressed with this expansion. It was definitely more solid than KotFE, it had a strong opening like KotFE, but unlike KotFE it had a far more intense and impressive ending. The middle chapters were kind of filler, but they were better filler than what we got with KotFE.


I wish there had been a third final option, where rather than evil emperor/empress or goody-two-shoes caretaker, you could have been a benevolent emperor/empress.”


Aowin answer FlavivsAetives:

“1. While that may be true, BioWare gave us the impression we would learn all about the creators who made the eternal fleet, SCORPIO, and the gravestone. We didn’t learn anything other than the fact that they are dead. They may as well be the protheans for all we know.


2. The Alliance always had a fleet. Now we just happen to also have an automated navy comprised of gemini droids. It was nice to learn that Valkorion was an individual before Vitiate, but we still don't know anything about how Zakuul rose to power and how he got his hands on the eternal fleet. I must have missed that part about Valkorion needing to devour Ziost to sustain himself another millennia.


3. I disagree about Kira not being crucial. She is one of the few individuals to have personal experience with Valkorion’s domination. Outside of the Jedi Knight, the Outlander would not have any experience with how to overcome Valkorion’s deadly power. As for Scourge, he obviously should have input as well as Revan both knowing Valkorion for three centuries. All three of them being absent was just mind-boggling.


4. For those who decided to kneel, perhaps. That was never the implication if you chose not to kneel. Either way, BioWare went through a lot of trouble trying to give this impression that Vitiate was somehow different and changed here. In reality, nothing had changed. A lot of pointless character development for no reason. I see no reason to dedicate so much time to a character that really is incredibly one-dimensional.


5. Mental defense? Read Drew Karpyshyn’s little writing excerpt on the front page. Vaylin could have crushed Senya with the snap of her finger. Vaylin bested the Outlander with ease until Valkorion stepped in. Arcann also was no match for his sister. Especially since Vaylin’s power was fully unlocked, nobody should have stood a chance. It was an underwhelming and undeserved victory to move the plot forward. Vaylin was powerful enough to scare Valkorion.


I was not a fan of how BioWare made galactic peacekeeper “good” and eternal emperor “evil.” Both roles are essentially the same thing as the Outlander still controls the eternal fleet. That shouldn’t have been a moral choice as much as a personal one left up to each player whether they wanted to be an emperor/empress or not. The end goal is the same as you still control the entire eternal fleet, but more player choice would have been nice.”


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