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SWTOR Is Worth Subbing More than One Month

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been 6 years since it was released on December 13, 2011. As a 6 - year old MMORRG, SWTOR has been popular among players. Such hot MMO definitely appeals thousands of folks to have a try, however many folks do not know whether swtor is worth subbing more than one month or not. Mmogah - No.1 giant SWTOR Gold selling website summarizes from some guys and helps you clearly know whether you should sub or not.


First, Mmogah want to let you know that SWTOR Subbing really depends on what you want out of the game and what ‘annoyances’ you’re willing to put up with.

  A continuous sub is needed, if you want to do Ops/Raids.

  A sub is required, if you want to do ranked, you need gear.

  A sub is needed, if you want to get tons of credits and buy expensive things on a whim.


You might want a “sub one in a while plan”, if none of those sound like stuff you enjoy doing:


  Don’t mind missing out on sub rewards

  Don’t mind waiting for gratification, using escrow as a savings account

  You can wait for story, subbing when expansions are complete

  Don’t mind the various restrictions

  Aren’t an altaholic

  Enjoy the challenge of not having the best gear to boost your numbers


Above all, Mmogah still want to say that SWTOR is really worthwhile for gamers to sub, and especially now swtor patch 5.3 has just been released, lots of SWTOR players return to the game and new swtor fans join the game. Here is an old swtor gamer who just returned with his/her son.


Her/His son and she/he took a 3 month break returning to the game early May. They returned to a ghost town. They also returned to the news that a well - known player who had done PUG OPs with many times had passed away in April - his guild basically abandoned.


  No other guilds running operations were maintaining the GOPs channel.

  Warzones weren’t popping beyond 4 v 4.

  Pickup Group SM OPs were not being advertised, formed or run.

  No pops at all were occurring for Galactic Starfighter.

  People were reporting waits of up to 4 hours for an FP queue pop.

  The frequency of people having apparently “fallen asleep” when an FP queue did pop was very       high.

  Her/His own guild Insane Force was down to 30 active accounts.

  One particular guild was declaring that they had the only members doing OPs, and that you had to   be with them if you wanted to do operations.


Since returning she’s/he’s been religiously carrying out the following:


  Reminding veteran players that they should be in GOPs.

  Reminding veteran players that they should be putting new players interested in group content into   GOPs.

  Advertising to new players of the availability of server-wide chat for group content efforts -             GOPs.

  Advertising in Fleet Chat and GOPs and forming PUG SM OPs for which all are welcome to join

  Have run about 10-11 PUG SM OPs open to everyone - including a 16 man EV SM - on their July   3, 2017 OPs Marathon Day.

  Have done 3 PUG World Boss runs open to everyone - 3-4 bosses each.

  Advertising her/his guild and increasing membership.

  Popping the FP queue upwards of 30-40 times per day the past two weeks as a result of her/his         guild activity.

  Popping at least 3 8 v 8 Reg Warzones for 2 other guilds via her/his own guild activity.

  Popping at least 2 Galactic Starfighter matches via her/his guild activity


She’s/He’s received a ton of criticism from other guilds, and trolls on fleet of territorial or vitriolic nature. But she’s/he’s proud to say that her/his efforts, and the efforts of all those who have joined Insane Force and the efforts of a few from other guilds has resulted in a rather nice pickup in group content activity @ The Bastion on the Empire side.


So everyone else out there on a “SWTOR” vacation...hop on in. Stuff is happening @ The Bastion!


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