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SWTOR Guide to Advanced Classes

John Ryan December 14th, 2011 SWTOR   

SWTOR Guide to Advanced Classes

In this post, I wanted to put together a guide on SWTOR advanced classes. After all, since my previous posts on the advanced classes, many new listings came out on how they will work; meaning that the information previously on this guide SWTOR and swtor credits has become obsolete. From what has been officially announced, each class will have two "advanced class" options available to her. For example, can become a Jedi Knight Sentinel (DPS) or guardian (tank).This growth is not optional: you must choose one advanced class. This means that there really eight classes for each faction in SWTOR, not 4.

The Sentinel and Jedi Guardian Jedi both the progress of the Jedi, but they are really not the same class. For example, the Guardian is the highest class of armor, while the guard can not. The Guardian uses a light saber while using two sentinels and cheap swtor credits. You can think of a guardian as tank Warrior World of Warcraft, while Sentinel is more like a hybrid between a thief and a warrior fighting Fury: The Sentinel is the melee DPS over the Republic, while the guard n ' is not.

It was clarified that players will be able to change their talents around their advanced classes, but we do not know if players will be able to change their advanced classes. Polls current player on the official forums shows that most players want advanced classes and swtor credits to be permanent, but an official announcement has yet been made at the time of writing. The announcement of the latest developments in advanced classes is the most advanced classes now have multiple roles.

For example, six of the eight classes of departure may evolve into an advanced class that has an option to recovery. In other words, the smuggler, Imperial Agent, Jedi Consular, Inquisitor Sith, Bounty Hunter, Jumper and can progress in an advanced class with a kind of healing abilities and swtor credit. In addition, each advanced class in the game outside of the Sentinel (Jedi Knight) and Marauder (Sith Warrior) can play at least two roles: DPS and tanking or DPS and healing. The Sentinel and Marauder are the only classes that can DPS and have no tanking or healing abilities. I will update this guide SWTOR if it changes, but it is likely to remain the case and I think it's good that there are some dedicated DPS classes.

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