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SWTOR: Game Update 5.8

Helen Keller March 21st, 2018 SWTOR   

Game Update 5.8 is online, and what are the new contents? MmoGah (a professional swtor credits selling website) shows you the detailed Highlights here, so you can see the new Highlights and decide whether to play it or not.

New Operation Boss, Izax - The final boss of Gods From the Machine is here! The mightiest of the Iokath droid superweapons, Izax is capable of destroying entire fleets of warships - defeating him will require tremendous power and skill.


Conquest Revamp - From a new interface to changes for Guilds of every size. Our improved Conquest system now provides challenge, opportunity, and rewards for all Guilds!


Companion Return: Ashara Zavros - She will return to the Sith Inquisitor’s side, how will things go with her former master?


Companion Return: Vector Hyllus - Imperial Agents will see the return of their crewmate and member of the Killik Hivemind, Vector!


Companion Romance: Arcann - A redeemed Arcann makes his feelings known to those who’ve given him a chance to atone for the evil deeds of his past.


Limited Time Izax Event - Players who defeat Izax on Veteran difficulty before launch of Game Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy will receive a special legacy-based reward and an exclusive title with the launch of 5.9.


There is a hot discussion about 5.8 Patch Notes on the reddit.com, and you can see what the gamers say and then join the topic discussion.


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