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SWTOR Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne

The Crafting Skills are part of Crew Skills that involve using the raw resources gathered from Gathering Skills to create many different items. These skills enable the character to construct armor, weapons, implants as well as other types of useful items and gear. If gamers are not good at crafting, they have to buy swtor gold to afford those useful equipment. Here is the detailed crafting changes in KotET on the official web:


“Hey folks,


As we discussed yesterday on the livestream, one of the goals of crafting is that it will be a mechanism where someone can gear up an alt, catch up to their friends, or even gear an off-spec. With the launch of Eternal Throne you will find that there is a new grade of materials and higher level items which can be learned from your Crafting Trainer. For endgame crafting, the intent is that you will be able to craft items which are within 2 item rating of the best gear in that tier, but without a set bonus. The exception to this rule is tier 1, where you will be able to craft items equivalent to the best item rating in that tier. All of the gear that you craft in this matter will be static, meaning that you cannot move mods. However, crafters will also be able to craft mods of those same item levels.


If that is confusing let me give you some examples using made up numbers from Fallen Empire:

Tier 1 – 216 with set bonus

Tier 2 – 220 with set bonus

Tier 3 – 224 with set bonus


You would be able to craft at the following ratings:

Tier 1 – 216 without a set bonus

Tier 2 – 218 without a set bonus

Tier 3 – 222 without a set bonus


Let’s talk about how you get access to craft these items.

Gear: You will earn the schematics to craft gear from their respective Command Crates. Ex: You will get schematics to craft tier 1 gear inside of tier 1 Command Crates. These schematics will require materials earned from Conquests in order to craft them.

Mods: You will earn the schematics to craft mods through either reverse engineering the mod, PvP, or looting the schematic from an Operation boss. These schematics will require materials earned from Operations or PvP in order to craft them.


This is a summary of how crafting relates to gearing in Eternal Throne. Let me know if you have any questions.”


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