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SWTOR: Compared with KotFE, KotET Is Amazing

Since early access on November 29, KotET has gained thousands of positive reviews from its players within the short 2 days. Most players all said that the new update made the game alive again, and they liked the new chapters a lot. I just start a new discussion “Early Access Live Now: What do you think of the new Knights of the Eternal Throne?” and everybody shows their personal ideas. From these hot discussions, I bet that swtor is not what it was before and swtor folks will return back, more swtor credits they will be willing to pay within the game. Here is the main discussion in the following parts (I really thank all the gamers who join the discussions):



I am very impressed. The new chapters are very good, the production quality is a whole new level. The game runs much better now, and looks better as well. The class changes (to jugg at least) are pretty nice so far. The game is alive again, queues for almost everything are instant.


The only negative things I have to say are about the rng gearing system now that I am level 70 and finished with the story, I am severely behind PvE players for the moment since I had 208 PvP gear which didn’t get compensated for losing expertise. The other thing is the vehicle combat during the story was a little lackluster and clunky. The DvL system is a little confusing as well.


Besides those things though, the game got a lot of what I was hoping for. Now we just have to see if they follow up with more group content.


I think my views aligned with the people who were on the test server. They had been forced to sign an NDA and had to be very vague about the update. They were saying some things were a vast improvement and other things were pretty disappointing. I assume they meant the game running better and over all production quality was the good thing, and the bad thing was the gearing system.

Perhaps the new gearing system won’t end up being so bad in the long run, who knows. Personally, I find it annoying now, but perhaps we will eventually enjoy it. It is nice to see BW is not opposed to trying new things and changing the course if they don’t work (monthly story updates.)



New chapters are quite good. Similar in pacing and feel to the original 9 chapters of KOTFE, but better and more epic. MUCH better than the rather dull “getting the band back together” chapters of KOTFE. I felt satisfied with the ending.


Vehicles are ok. The puzzle solving really slows things down though. The mouse droid one was very annoying. The party one was reminiscent of Dragon Age Inquisition and while an interesting change of pace, it took a bit long and will be very annoying on repeated playthroughs. Without the hints it would have been frustrating.


The waves of Skytroopers fights are still annoying but thankfully it seemed like there were fewer of these. More fun are the gold or champion enemies that show up. Not hard, but gives things more personality. You can skip more mobs instead of being forced to fight everything at their own arrival pace which was universally hated. There is still some of that but less.


Graphics updates were not dramatic, but made cutscenes nicer. A bit toothy when characters were speaking though. Everything felt a bit smoother.


The constantly changing faces on characters is distracting. Senya looks so different it was jarring every time she was in screen. Lana keeps changing a bit, and Vaylin did as well. They do look better though.


A few bugs of course. One that could give been a big problem for me was the disguises for the party in chapter 6 i think, and most of the hotbars being hidden. Then you end up in a huge bossfight...with still only 1 bar. I tried to reenable them on the fly but failed because my attention was so divided in fight mechanics.


Speaking of fight mechanics, the first fight with Vaylin is super annoying. Spent about 2/3 of the fight cc’d. Most of the other fights’ mechanics were ok.


Overall for the story chapters experience I’d give it 9/10.

Haven’t tried uprisings yet.

As for Galactic Command....we will see. Will it feel like an ubearable grind, or will it feel rewarding with the crates coming fast enough to be addictive? I made it to Rank 10 first day, though about half from planetary heroics completions that I am not sure were bugs or not. I play a decent amount of GSF so for me i expect cxp to come at a decent rate.



Story has been fucking awesome. Wayyy better than KOTFE. KOTFE was stretched thin, like too little butter on a slice of bread. But I honestly can’t wait to play KOTET again to see the different options.


DvL war rewards are kinda ok. I have cooler items already so I’m personally not interested but they are really nice rewards for newer players. Companion gifts have been screwed and I think thats intentional for casual players. I haven’t started grinding yet but from everything I’ve seen A LOT of people misjudged the grind. Datamined figures were very inaccurate. (You’re suppose to grind in an MMO anyways) Soon the grinding criers will be crying about the game being too easy.



KotET chapters are much better than KotFE ones, visually, mechanically and storywise. The RNG gearing system is as terrible as we expected. Current at Command Rank 13 and only got 1 purple MK-3 drop. Crafting is now also behind RNG when it comes to endgame stuff. Uprisings are not ops, but at they are something. I’d much rather have an op but I’ll take flashpoints with less walking and trash clearing. PvP is now one of the best ways to earn command points, but I’m not sure how I should feel about that. Also: WTB Horizon Guard armor.


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