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SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of July 11, 2017

Helen Keller July 12th, 2017 SWTOR    MmoGah News

Now, SWTOR Patch 5.3 - Sisters of Carnage is online. Players can rally your team for CARNAGE as the Operation battle arrives in new Patch 5.3! You prepare to face off against the legendary superweapons, Aivela and Esne. You can build your elite team of eight or sixteen players and wage war against these twin-sister droids to determine the fate of the galaxy!


When the battle is over, unwind on the legendary planet of Manaan in your new ‘Manaan Retreat’ Stronghold. Mmogah learns from the other website that it will cost 8.375 mil or 7000 CC to unlock all the rooms of the Manaan Retreat or 32.4 mil for the Guild Stronghold full unlock. The initial purchase costs are 2.5 mil swtor credits or 2500 CC for player and 15 mil credits for guild stronghold.


When it comes to Manaan, the official present some exotic goods in the cartel market specials (Week of July 11, 2017), and you can decorate your new Stronghold with Manaan-themed decorations, tame the wild Nexu Cat, and more!


Deepwater Essentials Bundle: Stronghold Decoration Pack (1,540 Cartel Coins now)

The Deepwater Essentials Bundle has everything you need to customize your new Manaan Stronghold, from exotic aquariums to flowing fountains to Selkath guards. Each bundle pack includes:

1 Manaan: Fountain of Tranquility

1 News Kiosk: Most Wanted

1 Large Aquarium

1 Aquarium: Laa Scalefish

1 Aquarium: Faa Scalefish

1 Explorer Supplies Set

1 Manaan: Lounge Set

1 Manaan: Office Set

1 Manaan Patio Set

1 Manaan Floor Lamp

1 Selkath Citizen: Lost

1 Selkath Cyborg: Surly

1 Selkath Officer: Patient

4 Flag: Manaan (Hanging)


Savage Nexu: Direct Sale Mount (July 11 - July 18, 2100 Cartel Coins)

Are you brave enough to tame the wild Nexu Cat? You will have earned the loyalty of one of the galaxy’s most ferocious and cunning beasts when you succeed.


Cathar Hair 1: New Direct Sale Customizations (240 Cartel Coins)

You can customize your proud Cathar warrior like never before with this brand new appearance bundle.


Sparring Droid: Direct Sale Toy (July 11 - July 18, 480 Cartel Coins)

You can step into the ring and regain your stamina with the Sparring Droid, a former champion of the Coruscant competitive fighting scene.


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