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SWTOR 5.2: War for Iokath Is Coming This April

SWTOR 5.2: War for iokath is coming next month, what are you most looking forward to this April in the new swtor 5.2? Iokath Daily Area? New Operation Boss? Returning Companions? New Iokath Storyline? Mmogah will list the detailed updates in the following parts:


Bringing back operation content into SWTOR with 5.2.

Master Mode Uprisings – hard challenge for 4 players. They will have additional mechanics and coming with 5.2. The developers confirmed that they are going to be including new mechanics (and changing/removing older ones) for this new difficulty mode, which so many players are very interested in seeing. You have received no indication that there will be any new ones for the time being, so time will tell as to whether or not all you’ve got is all you’re going to get for these.

New storyline – Return to Iokath. Scouts from the Alliance, Republic, and Sith have all arrived on Iokath. You, as the alliance commander, need to pick which side you will be on and take the super weapon. You can side with the opposite faction from your starting faction (i.e. Empire players can side with Republic and vice versa)

Returning companions – Quinn and Elara. If you side with the Empire, Quinn will return. If you side with Republic, Elara will return.

New Daily area on Iokath. Storyline will unlock repeatable dailies on Iokath. New gameplay options with these dailies much like we did for the chapters. There will be a new reputation track depending on which side you pick.

New Operation – Superweapon is the boss of the operation. Unlike previous operations, they are not waiting until fall to release all 5 operation bosses. First operation boss will come in 5.2, all 5 will be released before end of the year.

    a. First operation boss is Tyth, the God of Rage in Zakuulan Pantheon.

    b. The same guy who designed the Revan fight also designed Tyth.

    c. This operation will be on PTS in about 2 weeks. They may do either an open PTS or   a closed PTS and open PTS later.

    d. Tyth will have story and veteran mode with 5.2, and they will release master mode for him when they release the second boss.

    e. Most of the story for Iokath will be wrapped in the storyline but the operations bosses are also tied to the story and serve as a side track.

    f. Stuff coming to adjust CXP gains for operations in 4-8 weeks. They will do it before     patch 5.2.

    g. Companions return are separate from the operation.


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