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Strategy Guide (2/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

John Ryan Date: December 31st, 2015 Views: 11824 empire at war swtor swtor gold swtor gold kaufen mmogah

In last guide of Star Wars of Empire at War, Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War, we’d talked about some basic information of Empire at War and the first three main steps of this patch. In this essay, we’ll continue introducing the rest four key steps of the patch strategy guide to Star Wars players.


New Buffs added to Empire at War. In this new patch, all of the planets are granted more income, higher unit cap and greater production capacity. Specifically, each planet has its own unique feature that upgrades the forces of whoever holds it in specific ways. It usually brings several boosts to a specific unit galaxy-wide and reduces the costs of producing a unit on each planet. Players should not just focus on and grab the planets which can make supplement to their abilities. In the meantime, players should try their best to dodge the key abilities from their enemies. Please be aware that it doesn’t provide and increase 25% damage to the Stormtroopers, however the foot soldiers will please for it anyway.


Shipyards are important forts to grab. Players’ first main task is to control Sullust, Kuat, Fondor or Mon Calamari when they reach to tech level 4. The (shipyard) planet allows you to build numerous of ships spread across the galaxy. So that building shipyards is very crucial to each team in the game of Star Wars.


Fight for the territory and perimeter. Every planet has limited perimeter, so that it allows each planet to send units to other ones. This activity is called orbital range in the game. In Star Wars, the only way to transfer from one planet to another is through the way of orbital range which creates a “perimeter” of the orbital radius of your planets. It is definitely an advantage to control the possible places on the planet that enemy can attack, and focus on defenses more.


Control both ends of the hyperspace routes. Accordingly, some planets are connected by long hyperspace trade routes which illustrated by the lines on the Star Wars map. These hyperspace routes connect those planets across the map. Players can use these routes to investigate into enemy’s territory and launch constant attacks.


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