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Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War

As we know that the Galactic map is large and complicated. On the map,  the green zone is for your allies’, the place colored red is  for your enemies’, and the yellow part is for the neutrals’ that consist primarily of Black Star pirates. Please read the key steps carefully and we believe that this strategy guide will help a lot to your gaming skills and make your survival the black depths of space.


Hardpoints are important. Do not try to across all the planets and attempt to cover every possible way or approach without a full preparation. Define your territory’s perimeter and put fleets of balanced units and numbers in system that are within speedy striking distance of any of as much of your perimeter as possible. The Leaving isolated forces are asking your opponents to send unit’s counter to take your system.


Have knowledge of your enemy. Imperial players should be aware that you will be seriously punished by a knife to a gun fight. What’s that mean?  It means you should do full preparation before starting a war. Then what should Imperial players do?


  1. Set and send probe droids to investigate the immediate zone before your attack.

  2. Make sure to send a last probe before committing the fleet to an action of your team.

  3. Let rebel players to use C-3PO and R2-D2 to investigate ahead.

  4. Try to have the Bothan homeworld  for the controlling trade route approach.  It also improves intel abilities.

  5. As a good landing force, clear skies is absolutely better than directly bumping into a Star Destroyer.


Do not auto-resolve the conflicts. To be more specific that a fight does not have much impact of the epic story.  Players will be given opportunities to auto-resolve instead of spending the time needed to fight your battle. Do remember that do not take this option. Although the manual warns you that this might result in higher losses than resolving the battle manually. Accordingly, what it actually means? It means that “your automated foe will ride the ruined shells of your fleet and the crushed bodies of your armies like grim toboggans”. So never ever do that.


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