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Star Wars: the Old Republic Craftable Blaster Rifles

As we know, blaster rifles are similar to blaster pistols, which are powerful, two-handed ranged weapons that fire bolts of energy. Blaster rifles are only usable by the Trooper and the Imperial Agent, which have a wide array of upgrades, including scopes. When using a blaster rifle the trooper can use certain skills including a melee strike and a grenade launch. Today MmoGah wants to introduce swtor craftable blaster rifles to all of you.

Armstech can use schematics to craft all of these blaster rifles (schematics come directly from the trainer as you level up - no special types of schematics are needed). Blaster rifles can be worn by Trooper Vanguardss, Imperial Agent Operatives or any companion that has the correct weapon proficiency (can wield a blaster rifle) that is the correct level or higher. Different from the craftable armors, when they switch factions craftable weapons do not change appearance - so these will look the same on a Trooper as they would if you equipped them to an Imperial Agent.


The Asylym and Onslaught versions look the same, the one version has tanking stats and the other has DPS/healing stats.


Unfortunately these are the weapons that are not moddable, and they can not be used in the outfit designer (yet!). This means that you can not change or improve their stats - so these blaster cannons are only good for cosmetic looks or for levelling in terms of statistics. You can still use a color crystal to change their blaster fire color.

Carbo-plas Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Carbo-plas Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 10

Plastifiber Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Plastifiber Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 16

Flexiglass Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Flexiglass Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 24

Phrik Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Phrik Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 32

Plexoid Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Plexoid Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 40

Dallorian Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Dallorian Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 46

Transparisteel Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Transparisteel Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 51

Havod Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Havod Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 55

Glasteel Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Glasteel Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 61

Sedrellium Onslaught Blaster Rifle / Sedrellium Asylum Blaster Rifle - lvl 66


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