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Star Wars New Update 4.0.3 Highlights

John Ryan Date: December 11th, 2015 Views: 7158

In the month of December, all of games have passionately brought their players or fans lots of events and festivals to celebrate Christmas, besides the classic game Star Wars. There is a whole host of events going on in the galaxy in December.  Here we bring some highlights of the update 4.0.3. Let’s see the December Star Wars event schedule in the following.


General information of Update 4.0.3

It is no longer possible to cause the character select UI to disappear while deleting characters. Guild set rank and the Guild set rank description now reopen if you use the “X” button to close either dialog. The Odessen Heroic Mission boards no longer cause errors when quickly picking up new missions. Fixed an issue that caused Alacrity to affect Companion summoning speed and Transport activation times. Players who have completed Chapter 1 of knights of the Fallen Empire now have access to Darth Marr as a Stronghold Decoration. Fixed an issue when players lost access to HK-55’s Decoration following Chapter VIII. Placed HK-55 Decorations now properly display a holographic version when HK-55 is summoned. Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving credit for kills towards the “Kill it with Fire” Achievement. For other updated or modified parts, you can view them here.


Highlights of December Events

Dec 8 4AM (PST) – Dec 15 4AM (PST) Relics of the Gree
Dec 8 4AM – Jan 5 4AM Star Wars: The Old Republic 4th Anniversary
Dec 15 4AM – Dec 22 4AM The Rakghoul Plague
Dec 15 4AM – Jan 5 4AM Life Day
Dec 18 4AM – Jan 1 4AM Double XP Event
Dec 22 4AM – Dec 29 4AM Bounty Contract Week

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