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Should We Play SWTOR?

“Is SWTOR worth playing?” This is the question that swtor beginners often ask before they start playing it. Therefore, Mmogah summarizes the newest opinions shared by some elite gamers on reddit, and hope to help you make the proper decisions.

“Seems like the 10th post in a week on the same topic but SWTOR is only worth playing if you want a single player RPG experience.

To keep things cheap I highly suggest you play for free and play some of the class storylines. Once you have polished one or two of the very cool stories off sub for one month to do the KoTFE and KoTET expansion storylines and you will have gotten an absolute ton of solid RPG content for very little cash.

If endgame, gear progression, pve raiding, pvp are your goals I do not think its worth the time or money investment.” Shared by maledict


“Yea, if you like star wars or like bioware type rpgs. Try it for a couple levels. If you like it, sub for 1 month and play a couple storylines. Its a great story and wonderful single player campaign for all the classes. Generally the ‘best’ storylines from most interesting to least: imperial agent > sith warrior > smuggler = bounty hunter = sith inquisitor > jedi knight > jedi consular = trooper. That list is kind of a ‘collective opinion’ if you will.

If you want a social mmo with lots of active group content, then I wouldn’t recommend it though. Its kinda like ESO in the sense that you do your own thing, but might come across other people out in the world every once in a while and cities are populated with other players. But most of the game is played by yourself with your companions.” Shared by ghettochipmunk


“SWTOR is worth playing. It has great story content and lots of interesting game play. For example good PvP, galactic star fighter (space pvp where you fly your ship around)

Contrary to nay-sayers there is lot of PvE content as well. Operations, flash points (mini operations with 4 people), uprisings (mini flash points usually < 10 min each)

There are two problems that cause lot of negativity: There has been no new ops for over two years, but BioWare has promised new group content soon. So we remain hopeful. Second is new RNG driven end game gearing they introduced in 5.0. That they are fixing somewhat in January.

All in all it is a great game. Sub for a month, try out and if you like continue your subscription. On EU The Red Eclipse server at least it is easy to get into operations and do PvE content.” Shared by albeva


“It’s basically a KotOR game with an added chat room and some group content. It’s definitely worth a play through, twice, maybe three times. The planet progression is too linear, though, for any long term replay value, and every subsequent playthrough makes you want to shoot yourself in the head for want of new planets to level on.

Fortunately, with queue anywhere flashpoints, you can focus on the story missions alone and forget about the standard save-my-cat missions that MMOs seem to enjoy plonking in our way. There’s a cash shop, but none of it is necessary to complete the game, unless you want to pay for individual aspects of the F2P/P2P hybrid model, like surname titles and costume slots. Subscribing gets you all the goodies, though, so the price tag is well worth it.

tl;dr I’d say yes, go ahead and play it. Join a guild, even, and make some friends. It’s a good game for what it is.” Shared by wiz3n


“From what I’ve read on the SWTOR sub it seems that even the fans of the game only recommend it as a single player game, they recommend to play through the multiple campaigns and that’s it, really.

For me, the story lines are lacklustre, compared to truly story driven single player RPGs. I'd take one playthrough of Mass Effect 2 over 20 playthroughs of SWTOR.

That being said, SWTOR was the first MMO that I played hard core PvE raiding. It was fun. So was Illum mass PvP, it was immense.

If you never played the game, there's quite a lot of content. There has not been many new raids introduced in the last couple of years, but there is still quite some content to play. One piece of advice, if you decide to go back, forget about f2p, it's stupidly limiting. It's probably worth subbing for a month and then decide whether you like it or not.” Shared by eclap78


“In my opinion which is shared by many SWTOR is best played for a single player RPG experience. If you just play the class storylines and then sub for 1 month to do KoTFE and KoTET you will get more than your moneys worth and some phenomenal storytelling.

If you are after organized MMORPG elements PvE and PvP you may be better off looking elsewhere.” Shared by maledict

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