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PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Restructure for SWTOR Update 3.3

John Ryan September 09th, 2015 SWTOR   

There are a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas. Mmogah wants to introduce the changes and the reasoning behind these changes here.

PvP Gear Cost

Having at least Exhumed gear blocks the success of entry in PvP for most players, so the official looks to reduce the time and cost of getting there. The official has reduced the entry PvP gear costs by roughly a third, and a full set (not min/maxed) will now cost about 4075 Warzone Commendations. Warzone Comms will no longer be used to buy the Dark Reaver/Ranked set, but will be used to purchase pieces. It will take 16,525 Warzone Comms to buy a full Ranked Gear set, much less than current price of about 29,000 Ranked Comms.


Increased Warzone Rewards

The official will give Warzone Experience and Credit rewards a boost, because they are not keeping up with the rest of the game. So, players can look forward to receiving double the XP and double the credits for a full match.


Legacy Lockbox

Due to players’ requests for a legitimate way to make these transfers (From Warzone Comms to other characters within a legacy), the official proposes a remedy: Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes. Every PvP items vender (on either Fleet), will start to sell a Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox that can be bought with 99 Warzone Comms and will include 99 Warzone Comms. The Lockbox can be transferred between Legacy characters.

Ranked Reward system

The current Ranked Warzone reward system indirectly promotes players to stop queueing after they have gotten to the tier that they feel they will end up at for the Season, which lowers the amount of players who participate for the duration of the season. Players will no longer gain specific item rewards at the end of the season for reaching a certain rating in a Ranked Season. Instead, players will be granted a number of Season-specific tokens based on the tier of rating the player achieved. These tokens will be used to purchase the ranked rewards the player wants after the season has ended. In addition to receiving a large amount of Season-specific Tokens at the end of the season based on the tier placed (enough to buy the entire tier of rewards), players will now receive these season-specific tokens for every match they play based on match outcome and performance medals.


The intention of the official here is to encourage players to be engaged over the length of the season and continually attempt to improve and compete at a higher skill level. The better you are and the more you play, the more rewards you will be able to purchase. Since highly skilled players can still play the minimum number of games and earn the Gold tier rewards at the end of the Season, we feel this is the best of both worlds of rewarding both skill and time investment.


Miscellaneous PvP Changes

In Warzones, capturing an objective (on Alderaan or Voidstar, for example) will no longer be interrupted by AoE effects. This change should reduce the stagnation on objectives and allow for more diverse defensive strategies.


In Ranked Warzones, in order for a character to enter the queue they will need to be wearing gear that gives them max expertise. This will prevent inexperienced players, who may not be ready for Ranked play, from entering the queue until they have the appropriate gear.


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