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New Level 60, Story, Romance, Chapter 1 in Knights of the Fallen Empire

Knights of the Fallen Empire will hit this October, what an exciting news! Players will have the opportunity to get an instant level 60 character. Here is what you need to know (introduced by MmoGah ).


New Level 60

  • Your character will be certainly equipped with powerful gear to deal with chapter one.

  • You won’t start with money right now, because the developers want to avoid scammers grabbing more credits/gold and unbalancing the whole system (However, you should know that SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold is as important as WoW Gold, so you had better to prepare enough SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold for the new update in advance).

  • As it’s been confirmed, players won’t be able to choose past decisions for these new characters. But now we know that your class will determine the default choices for your character. If you play a Jedi, for example, it’s expected that your character dominantly chooses light side.

  • Those who grab new level 60 will also get another character slot. So don’t worry about deleting any of your previous characters who are safe.



Bioware’s focus is giving the players something that has been asked for quite some time-story. The developers feel like neglecting the story, and with end-game content, so they want to make relevant content no matter what happens down the line, all the way until the last chapter. They want to make something that hits the heart, something reminiscent of Knights of the Old Republic. For those who are trying out TOR for the first time or are looking to come back after waiting for a long time, this expansion is really for you. The expansion is way bigger than Shadows of Revan. Your character is central to the plot. As the Outlander, you’ll be fighting an “impossible” threat and your choices that you have made throughout the progression of your class story, as well as the previous expansions. As a result, you will see how your choices have affected your allies, your friends, and your loved ones.



I grasp a couple of new details about romance. One of the qualms that players have is the lack of communication or even reaction, when you’re in a pre-existing relationship or even have already married. In Knights of the Fallen Empire, there will be overlap with relationships, and while there necessarily won’t be a duel in the street.


The developers state that there is not enough time with the new characters to “get hitched”, however, the ultimate goal with the romance is to make a decision, to commit one way or another. That’s where things will go. Considering the possibility that you might kill a companion, so I advise you to make choices wisely.


Chapter 1

Now, there is a little bit of background on the episodes. Moreover, the episodic content is free for subscribers, as a reward for those who have stayed loyal to the game, and the game will reward greatly. There’s at least one hour of story content per chapter, per month. Some of the chapters are shorter than others, some noticeably longer. How long will you actually play each chapter, of course, depends on your own playing style, but there’s a lot of meat to fill you up.


Episode 1 is going to start technically as a tutorial, where the abilities are a bit restricted so new players can get familiar with the rotation, where more and more abilities will be added. It doesn’t feel like a tutorial, however, as Bioware calls its solution to the new player situation an “elegant approach to the UI” so that it simply offers accessibility, and doesn’t hinder the experience. New players will have a fun time easily catching up, while older players scoff and laugh, running smack right through to enjoy the story.


More news about new updates that I will introduce next time. If you still want to know more about SWTOR, you can keep your eye on our SWTOR News.


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