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Knights of the Fallen Empire in SWTOR

John Ryan September 04th, 2015 SWTOR   

SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) is a MMORPG released by Bioware in both America and Europe in 2011, which is set in the occident movie-Star Wars. Players can choose their favorite characters-Jedi, Sith, or other classical characters at random, deciding to fight for the Republic or Sith Empire to compose your own stories.


New Adventure:

As a classical MMORPG, now SWTOR is one of the biggest and most successful challengers of WoW. There is always mass updates in STWOR, Knights of the Fallen Empire is the newest cinematic trailer at this time, which will add new gameplays, new explorative contents and new game experience to SWTOR. Therefore, it is really worthwhile for players to experience new updates.

The Main Contents of New Adeventure:

The cinematic trailer tells us about the story of twin brothers, they were trained from childhood in order to be Jedis, however, the face of the brother in white was burned in a battle. From then on, the brother in white totally changes his nature, he was supposed to ascend the throne, but now he is about to fight with his best brother due to his sincere belief-A man can have anything, if he’s willing to sacrifice everything (Father’s teachings were like poison on Arcann’s tongue. His modulated voice sounded foreign.)


The Third Faction:

The handsome twin brothers belong to neither the Republic nor Sith Empire, they are the members of a third faction-Eternal Empire. Eternal Empire is the new party possibly separated from Sith Empire based on official information and dubbed characters.


Force power in Eternal Empire must include dark side, whether it includes bright side is hard to say. The members in Eternal Empire seem not to use guns, so they all use shields and lightsabers.


Knights of the Fallen Empire Is Coming Soon:

Knights of the Fallen Empire will be divided into chapters. The first chapter will include 9 sections, then the next cinematic trailer’s title is Become the Outlander, which introduces the main characters controlled by players: you need to decide whether to work with Jedi or to be Sith Empire’s allies. EA (Electronic Arts) has made official statement that players can bring your old characters in SWTOR to the new updates or can also create a new character in Knights of the Fallen Empire. The new adventure begins on October 27th, free for all subscribers (if you have interested in this new adventure, please afford your subscriptions with SWTOR GOLD quickly. As a ten-year gold seller, Mmogah will be glad to provide your SWTOR GOLD services. We have won good reputation from our customers on Trustpilot, EpicNPC, Ownedcore and so on.) Prepare to face your destiny!



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