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Knights of the Eternal Throne-the Best Gift to SWTOR’s Fifth Anniversary

December 20, 2016 will be the fifth year of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and happy Fifth Anniversary to SWTOR in advance. How fast the time runs! SWTOR has been five years old. The official started on this journey ten years ago, and their vision was to build a game that would give gamers, who are all Star Wars fans, the experience of stepping into the Star Wars universe at the center of their own saga. As a result, players can have the chance to become a Jedi, a dark and deadly Sith Lord or a snarky Smuggler, and shape their own story making meaningful choices along the way that made the experience their Star Wars story. Fortunately, it doesn’t let its fans disappointed and they are all willing to pay swtor gold for a galaxy trip.



In order to celebrate its fifth year, the official will reveal a brand new digital expansion coming this fall, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The all new expansion adds more of Bioware’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features in one of the largest updates the game has made since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011. When it comes to the full announcement of the expansion, fans want know something new coming around the end of this year. Here is some details from Comicbook.com announced by EA


"It has some of the same characters, a lot of new characters," Ohlen promised. He also said they learned a lot from Fallen Empire, and are using that to inform Eternal Throne. "We're making the story more epic, and choices more impactful than we have in the past."


Of course, The Old Republic is still an MMO, and Ohlen said there will be "a lot of great co-op and multiplayer challenges" included in Eternal Throne. The story focus is there, similar to Fallen Empire, but they redoubled their efforts to make the expansion attractive for their loyal subscriber base as well.


Ohlen realizes that there were things that "worked and hadn't worked" in The Old Republic, and that's where the focus on these new "Knights" expansions turned back to making you feel like you're the hero going through the journey.


"The old Knights of the Old Republic games were so popular because they made you into the 'Luke Skywalker' of the game, giving you a band of friends you'd love to go on a galactic adventure with in real life," Ohlen acknowledged. "We want to continue that with Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne, giving you that feeling and the story twists." And yes, they've been using the word "Knights" in the title of these expansions on purpose, Ohlen admitted with a chuckle.


"It's a brand new, epic story, with some exciting co-op content to it," Ohlen said in summary. The final chapter of Fallen Empire hits in a couple of weeks, and you can play the full sixteen-chapter game expansion start to finish then. "It really feels like the spiritual successor to the Knights of the Old Republic series." Fans who want to give it a try can try the first chapter of Fallen Empire for free, as well.


Now, over 87 million characters are living their SWTOR stories. (42,175,031 Defending the Galactic Republic and 43,710,711 Fighting for the Sith Empire) Players spent over 1.5 Billion Hours on the game.


Before the new expansion, the last kotFE Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen will be released on August 11 instead of the original July 28. This Chapter reveals the climactic ending to the Fallen Empire story and the official wants to make sure it delivers the emotional impact that the story deserves. The official is going to take this time to push it further in an effort to bring the Knights of the Fallen Empire’s final Chapter to a fitting ending ­ one that, in the tradition of all great Star Wars stories, leaves you wanting more! As a professional swtor credits seller, Mmogah has summarize the top 4 chapters of kotFE for you, let’s review together.

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