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How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section Two

We have introduced some tips of how to make credits fast in last article: How to make credits fast section one. Here, let us continue introducing SWTOR strategy of how to make credits fast to Star Wars players.


1. Resell on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN).

This is one of the best ways to make money in SWTOR. Reselling on the GTN means buying some items with low price, and then selling them with high price, but it is tedious, since you need to spend some time looking at the Trade Network screen.

Some tips for Reselling on the GTN:

Start with one or a couple of items. You can start with weapons or gears that are easily to resell and learn about the market trends.

– Combine reselling with your crew skills. You can sell your crafting or gathering items on the Trade Network, which is a good way to make credits fast.

– Don’t undercut price too much. It only brings down the market, which is not benefit for you. The market is big enough, and you can resell your items fast.

– Keep a monopoly on particular item. If you keep buying every single particular item, you can control the market price. High level players are always in need of a lot of credits, so they don’t mind paying high price that you are selling for.

When you master the market trends and how to use the GTN correctly, you can make millions of credits.


2. Loot everything you see. Sell all trash to vendors and save better items for the GTN. The mobs and Vara-Sol drop a large number of credits, but green items, blue items or purple items drop few credits.


3. You can grind the "Prison Busting" on Corellia.

Grinding the "Prison Busting" is an efficient way to farm credits in game, but it demands you reach level 60. Its advantage is that you don't have to compete with other players, but its disadvantage is that it will burn you XP fast when you grind the "Prison Busting".



4. Do Space Missions from your ship daily.

This is a great way to speed up your level and award you with some XP in the game.

When you first access to a space mission, you will receive a quest from the nearby terminal. Once you have successfully completed the quest, you can unlock daily quests of space missions. Running space missions is tedious, but it is one of the fastest ways to level up.   

At the beginning space missions are straightforward. However, as you reach higher level of space missions, you will come across fairly complicate space missions, which needs some weapons to complete the quests. At this time, you can buy SWTOR credits (SWTOR credits kaufen) to strengthen your weapons.


Hope these tips are useful for you. If you pay close attention to MmoGah consistently, you will learn more about SWTOR guides. MmoGah as one of the best SWTOR gold sites always provides safe, fast and cheap SWTOR credits to players.


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