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How to Make Gold/Credits Fast in SWTOR: Section One

How to make SWTOR gold/credits is an important thing that SWTOR gamers concern about, since they are in need of SWTOR gold/credits to strengthen their gears or speed up their characters’ level, but where the SWTOR credits come from? How to farm SWTOR credits? These questions bother many players. Here MmoGah as one of the best SWTOR gold sellers would like to share SWTOR strategy with you!


1.  Do Daily quests. This is one of the fastest ways to gain SWTOR credits.

You can do daily quests on Black Hole, CZ-198, Oricon, and Yavin 4, which can save your time to gain credits. It takes 15 minutes to finish daily quest on Black Hole (with soloing H4), which is your best option. You can run lower-level Black Hole for faster completion to get credits.

For example:

* Enter the Black Hole.
* Kill everyone except for the last boss.
* Exit the area.
* Reset mission.

It takes several minutes to finish daily quest on CZ-198, but you need to finish the FPS (frame per second) weekly. It takes a little longer to finish daily quests on Oricon and Yavin 4, but you can gain more credits on Yavin 4.


2.  Don’t buy many gears when you are in level 1 to lvl.40, since you can get gears from quests, drops and PVP, which saves you much money.


3.  When you reach level 50, you can go to a lower-level planet like Quesh, and kill or loot everything on the planet.


4.  Master all types of crew skills that are extremely straightforward. There are three types of crew skills:

Crafting Skills are used to create various items in game. For example: armors and weapons. When you send your companion out to craft, he or she will spend one minute on per item. You companion only can create 5 items at a time.

Gathering Skills: You can head out to the planet that you choose, and find harvest nodes at various places. These nodes reward you with several different types of items that can be used in crafting. When you click a node, your companion will harvest it for you.

Mission Skills: “critical” items can be obtained through gathering skills to create new items. You can’t send your companion out during the period of the mission.

Each type of crew skill has advantages and disadvantages for making credits.

– Crafting skills get the highest overall profits, but need take longer time to get returns.

– Gathering skills get consistent profits at a quick rate, but get lower overall values.

– Mission skills: “critical” items get large profits, but aren’t benefit for consistent profits.

If you’re new for crew skills, I recommend you should master gathering skills at first. If you’re more confident, you can try to master crafting skill.


We advise you to choose multi-task (3-4 different ways) to make your SWTOR credits fast. If you are tired of doing multi-task, you can buy SWTOR gold/credits (SWTOR gold/credits kaufen) from professional gaming website. But how to choose a reliable website, you can learn article for more details: How and where to buy SWTOR credits. If you need SWTOR credits, welcome to contact us!



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