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How to Fast Farm SWTOR Gold

When searching “how to fast farm swtor gold” in google, there are really all kinds of gold farming methods. However, it is hard to find a detailed and complete guide, so Mmogah will summarize the most useful methods for all of you, and hope to help you save a little time and fast farm your swtor credits. 

l  Acquiring credits in large amounts can sometimes be tricky, but there certainly are hundreds of ways to earn reasonable credits, like anything from Crew skills, farming mobs, doing daily quests.

(The ten ways in the following are referred to www.swtor.freemmorpgguides.com)

1. Resell on the Galactic Trade Network.


2. Always have your companions out doing crew skills when you don’t need them.


3. Create more alts. Choose different crew skills on them all. This will allow you to get a bigger % of the market to earn from.


4. Do Space Missions from your ship daily.


5. Do Daily quests. This is one of the fastest ways of earning credits.


6. Loot everything. Sell all trash to vendors. Save greens or better for the GTN, if they don’t sell after a few listings just vendor them.


7. Do PvP warzones. These can provide you with some good coin.


8. While leveling 1-40 don’t buy much gear. Get the gear you need from quests, drops and PvP. This saves you a lot of money.


9. Slicing is a great way to make money. Go to a level appropriate zone and start working.


10. At level 50, go to a lower level planet like Quesh and kill everything on the planet and loot.

l  Thanks to Gouken on Bastion and rest of his stream this mehod of credit farming, which is really helpful and so many guys like it so much.


For this, you’ll need to go to the Gehn’s Overlook Skyhopper taxi point on Voss and from the mission terminal pick up [HEROIC 4] Cleanse the Corrupted. Once you get inside the cave, pull the first two mobs and the elite, Vara-Sol. AoE them down, loot, leave the instance, reset the quest and repeat.


In total, the 2 mobs and Vara-Sol drop between 8,000-10,000 credits, a couple of greens and a blue or purple (dropped from Vara-Sol). The loot varies but this is usually the minimum drops. This mission can only be reset once every two minutes and it’s very easy to kill everything within those two minutes.


Gouken estimated that you could make between 300,000-400,000 credits an hour doing this. From testing this method personally, I would absolutely agree.


A few things:

AoE is essential to make this economical. I'd say that if you can't kill them within four minutes, then you'll probably make more credits per hour just doing dailies.


I have no idea what the minimum gear requirement would be to solo this and I haven't tried this on my main but I had no problems doing it with my PVP-geared Rage Juggernaut with a poorly geared Malavai healing. For 55's, the mobs don't hit too hard.


Vara-Sol has only one mechanic of note. He'll immediately attempt to Force Lift you. Whether you interrupt this or not is at your discretion but he will keep trying to do it and can't be stunned or knocked back, so I prefer to get it out of the way at the start. More often than not, one of the other mobs will break it anyway. It seems to have a long cooldown so if you encounter it again, you're probably taking too long.


Above all, why do I choose to share other professional swtor gold farming guides with you guys, because the elite players are also fond of the guides, and the methods are well used in farming swtor credits, and hope to help you a lot. Certainly, if you have no time to farm gold, even though with the help of those guides, you can also directly choose buy credits from the swtor gold selling site. The chapter 16 of KotFE is coming soon, take your time and prepare enough gold.

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