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Guide to Patch 4.0.2a Updates in SWTOR

Guide to Patch 4.0.2a Updates in SWTOR

Mmogah.com has introduced Patch 4.0.2 Upadates in my last essay, and there are many adjustments, like Companion Gift, Cartel Market, Class and Combat, Flashpoints and Operations and Items and Economy. Here, Mmogah.com will introduce the new Patch 4.0.2a to all of you.

Patch 4.0.2a Updates are mainly divided into two aspects: General and Missions + NPCs


Players who had items in their Legacy Bank beyond the first tab that were not properly updated in 4.0 can now log in.

The galaxy is no longer littered with the corpses of those who have fallen in battle, but there may still be occasional instances of the issue occurring.


Missions + NPCs

Companion healing, damage, and base stats have been increased. Character Level and Companion Influence Level will determine the exact amount:

Companion healing has been increased by approximately 48%.

Companion damage has been increased by approximately 15%.

Companion base stats have been increased by approximately 15%.

Players are now able to start Class-specific Missions on Rishi.

The order you speak to NPCs in Chapter IX can no longer stop progression.


Patch 4.0.2a really helps deal with many important issues, like fixing corpse issue which makes many sections of the game playable, items in their Legacy Bank beyond the first tab that were not properly updated in 4.0 can now log in, which means that players can get their items back more than 1 month later. So, if you need more SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold to support you in SWTOR, here is a sweat suggestion for you.


Some player asks what’s wrong with rounding up to 50% about Companions, which is because they start with a target HP per second figure for their total healing output and the power of each ability and work backwards from that. The underlying coefficients are probably set to "round numbers" that make sense in the context of the overall power budget that they have settled on for companions, but the percent change to get them from where they were to where they're at just is whatever it is. They are budgeting based on the end results, not the deltas needed to get there.


However, there are still some issues players are looking forward to fixing, like the final BH (Bounty Hunter) quest with the empty ship instead of Darth whoever. Some player’s BH stuck there and lots of annoying BH bugs of late, while some player’s BH is keeping him from having all the companions convos finished. Anyway, Mmogah.com thinks that the official will fix this issue as soon as possible, therefore all players just wait for Patch 4.0.3 and more.


Mmogah.com will update the SWTOR Current News, you can keep your eyes on our SWTOR News to know more SWTOR.



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