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Guide for SWTOR – Revamped and Ready to Battle

Three years old and still going strong, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has pulled at my strings again and undoubtedly those of numerous old players who took their characters to the end of beyond and then settled back into the real world. Released in December 2011, SWTOR is reputed to have set back Bioware by $100 to $200 million in development, though they have earned it back and then some! Let MmoGah shares SWTOR revamped guides to you!


Basic Play

When I started playing back in the day I was astounded at the level of immersion this game extends. The storyline, set 3000 years before the Star War movies, has 8 base classes and different stories for each class. Companions are critical, though out of a maximum 6 you can only have 1 actively engaged with you on a current mission. The rest can be sent out on other missions even when you’re offline.

The New Villains

With the latest installment, Knights of the Fallen Empire, SWTOR has risen to new heights! The Eternal Empire makes an entry having defeated both the Empire and the Republic. All players, new and old, face the new threat as the leader of a shaky partnership with old enemies. Personally, I found it an emotional experience to be fighting side by side with the Empire! Bioware has gone all out by making the enemy well known to all. You will spend quite some time learning about your new enemy - the Eternal Empire, and might even get some of their ex-officers as your companions. This level of engagement in the plot of an MMO is unheard of and in itself makes this game a worthwhile experience.

What to Expect

The introduction of a new enemy has placed SWTOR on unknown grounds. I found I could not guess at the storyline (having read too many Star Wars comic books and practically memorizing the movie dialogues I thought I was a Star Wars expert) because Knights of the Fallen Empire took me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new experience which will keep me hooked on for a while thanks to the slow release. Bioware has rolled out about half of the story for now and the rest will be dished out in small doses over 2016.

Improvements and Otherwise

Bioware has also done away with a lot of the flack. All companions can now be healer, tank or DPS, and you get to wear what you want regardless of your stats in the game. The single player mode is better than any other MMO I have experienced. Truth is, I got so engaged in my own personal Star Wars fantasy that I practically forgot other players! The old-fashioned combat mode has been solved, though not in a way most players will enjoy. Because of Bioware’s outdated server systems, the difficulty level of the combat has been drastically reduced making it boring when you heal faster than your enemies can take a strike!

Nevertheless, hats off to Bioware for coming up with an original and outstanding storyline and keeping old players hooked on through sheer creativity. You will find yourself too busy building alliances to focus on the game’s weak points.


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