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Cartel Market Changes and Combat Changes in Fallen Empire

John Ryan Date: October 08th, 2015 Views: 10342 swtor new changes swtor 4.0 swtor gold swtor credits swtor

I have introduced the new 4.0 class changes in SWTOR in my last essay, here I continue to introduce cartel market and combat changes in Fallen Empire in detail.


Cartel Market Changes:


1. Rarity Changes for Pack Items:

    The terms ‘Rare’, ‘Super Rare’ and ‘Ultra Rare’ are moving forward with Knights of the Fallen Empire, these rarities will be changed to ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’. Bronze quality items will now be associated with a Bronze Cartel Market emblem, Silver quality with a Silver emblem, and Gold quality with a Gold emblem.


2. Changes to Monthly Pack Contents:

    Better quality items in each pack

    Two items per pack

    New Superpack


    Pack Embargos


3. Miscellaneous Changes:

    The current list of available direct sale items will be pruned down quite a bit.


    The developers will occasionally bring pack highly sought after pack items, such as the Temple Guardian Armor Set or the Dune Sea Bantha, as short term direct sales. This way, if you don’t want to take a chance in buying a Grand Pack, you can just directly buy that item outright.


    The developers have rearranged the storefront categories to be more in-line with the new Cartel Market plan. This new layout will also make it easier to find the categories that players look for most.


    All 1 credit items from the Cartel Reputation vendors will be removed, but they will still remain available as part of the new Grand Packs.


    All items from Cartel Reputation vendors that are not specific to that reputation will be removed. These items are still available in their respective Grand Packs.


Combat Changes:


1. Stat Changes

    A single stat called Mastery has replaced the four primary stats Strength, Willpower, Cunning, and Aim.


    Endurance now gives slightly more health per point once you hit level 65.


    The stat Surge has been removed. Surge has now been rolled into the Critical Rating stat.


    To ensure that Critical Hit Chance is never a wasted stat, any abilities that automatically critically hit now convert any Critical  Hit beyond 100% into additional critical damage.


    Base weapon accuracy has been increased from 90% to 100%. All non-basic attacks have100% accuracy, so this change brings basic attacks up to par.


    Lastly, the official has rearranged how to distribute ratings on items. Now, Power and Defense share the first rating slot on modifications, while the rest of the stats (Accuracy, Alacrity, Critical, Absorb, and Shield) will share the second rating slot.


2. Planet Level Sync

   A new system called Level Sync has been added to the game. While you are under Level Sync, Stats, Armor, Weapon Damage are adjusted on your character. When you are above the target level of your planet, your level will automatically be lowered to that planet’s level.


3. Experience and Grouping

   Experience is not split between members of a group any more, which means the size of the group no longer impacts how much experience your character will earn.


   The experience earned is now based on the level difference between the highest level character (after level sync) and the level of the NPC.


4. Temporary Ability Bars

    Now, when you have the Huttbal, a temporary ability bar will appear so you do not need to have your throw on your normal hotbar any longer.


5. Ability Replacements

   The new ability will take the same spot on the hotbar as the old ability. Whenever you abandon your discipline, the older ability will return to you.


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