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  • Stormforge Gold Is for Sale at MmoGah
    By Shirley Huang2022-01-05 00:00:00

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    Stormforge is a new WoW private server platform developed by Tauri and Atlantiss teams. It offers multiple expansions and a variety of experiences, starting with a fresh Mists of Pandaria (MoP) server and adding more content from 2022 onwards.


    Stormforge's first realm - Mistblade is coming on January 7, 2022. It includes battlegrounds, arenas, raids, Isle of Thunder, Timeless Isle, Brawler's Guild, hundreds of quests, PvE scenarios, Wrathion's Legendary questline, pet battles, and dungeons.


    Here is a list of some updated Classic dungeons:

    Temple of the Jade Serpent

    Stormstout Brewery

    Shado-Pan Monastery

    Gate of the Setting Sun


    Scarlet Halls

    Scarlet Monastery

    Mogu'shan Palace

    Siege of Niuzao Temple


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