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Soul Worker Stella Guide: Part 3-Playing Stella

By Nancy G2018-05-08

The Professional Gaming Store MomGah will show you Soul Worker Stella Guide continuously. I have introduced Akasha Cards at the previous Soul Worker News. Today, I will show you Stella Guide Part 3-Playing Stella, and I will divide it into two parts to introduce-Solo and Team Play.




When mobbing solo, it's helpful to run around so that all monsters in the area are following you. Then, use skills such as Spirit Swamp, Rift Riff, Spectral Pit, and Howler Parade to kill all monsters. Kill stragglers with small moves such as basic attack combos or Howling Hunt. Swap constantly between the two stances to maintain SF when using skills that aren't affected by stance, or while running between areas.


Micro/Minibosses: Depending on how tough they are, you can usually deal with them pretty quickly with a Spirit Swamp. If they are on the tank side, feel free to use Bass Wave. With 15% cooldown as a tier 3 bonus, the cooldown on Bass Wave is incredibly low, so it will more than likely be ready for use by the time you need it again.


Bosses: When you play solo, it is fine to save Rhythm Keeper as an emergency heal. You don't need the SF regen as much since using Hysteria/Supernova grants you the same amount of SF but for a longer duration. In solo situations, it can be hard to get off long duration skills like Spirit Pulse or Spirit Swamp, as they require you to stand still. Try to deal damage using skills like Phantom Trail, Howling Hunt, Rift Riff, or basic attacks. Use a little bit of healing, or use the Support stance of Spirit Pulse to break some SA whenever possible. If you know a boss will be relatively stationary for a while, pull out Bass Wave for some mad damage and SA break. It's a good chance to line up a Spectral Pit and some Spirit Swamp right clicks when the boss is SA broken.


If you run into dangerous situations where you're very low HP, try to sprint away and cast a level 2 Orb Song to summon 3 healing orbs. This will normally heal enough for you to safely get back into a fight. Use Bass Wave or use Rhythm Keeper's healing while you're in the extended I-Frame if the boss does not grant you any time to run away.


Team Play:

When playing in a team, Stella's priorities shift slightly from killing enemies to supporting the team. When in parties with classes like Lily and Erwin, try to give them the Rhythm Keeper SF buff as often as possible, because they are SF hungry classes. Haru and Lily will kill mobs a lot faster than Stella, so it is useful by timing moves like Rift Riff and Spectral Pit with their own grouping moves, or by grouping them together through Spirit Swamp LMB attacks. Try to avoid moves that displace mobs too much while in a party, such as Spirit Storm and Howling Hunt.


Before moving to the next area of a stage, make sure to heal members if they really need it.


When bossing as a team, you want to maintain the SF buff on as many party members as possible. It's not always a fine idea to pop it right at the start of a boss fight, because a few seconds of the buff will usually be wasted. In the meantime, it can be difficult to land the buff in the middle of a fight. Being able to communicate through voice or chat macros can help a lot when it comes to organizing buffs.


It may be a better idea to save Rhythm Keeper for healing rather than the SF buff if you compete with a particularly difficult boss. Though the SF buff grants more dps, being dead means 0 dps. Make sure to keep an eye on their health bars, because keeping your teammates alive is a high priority.


Note that just because Stella is a healing/support class doesn't mean she can't deal damage. Although you want to support your team, Stella is a fantastic source of long term sustained damage through the use of Spirit Bass Wave and Swamp. Spam Spectral Pit if somebody in the group has a Big Plastica Akasha capable of giving the golden ball buff.


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