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Soul Worker News: Iris Yuma and Summer Events

By Nancy G2018-07-13

Hey guys, Soul Worker Gameforge has released a new character Iris Yuma and lots of Summer Events! There are many summery costumes and accessories are up for grabs in the events in Soul Worker. Today MmoGah will take you into the world of Soul Worker Summer Holiday!




Here are how to get into the summer fun:

- The Turbulent Beach Holiday event is running from 12/7/2018 to 9/8/2018.

- You can play the optional event quest from level 26 onwards. The start-NPC is Toru in Grace City.

- Visit the Event Grutin, who is in Grace City, and get the Orbs from the in-game shop or buy a Turbulent Beach Holiday Orb for 100 Soul Worker Dzenai.

- You can receive 3 orbs each day, but you can enter the event dungeon up to 10 times a day if you have gathered more orbs during the event period.

- The orb can be purchased from level 1, but you can first activate it at level 26 to then enter the event dungeon.

- The reset for the event dungeon and the purchase of orbs are daily at 9 AM CEST.

- You will be unable to activate the orbs once the event ends on 9th August 2018.



Here’s an overview of what’s in store for you in the event dungeon:

- You’ll bump into beauties Nita and Naran in the dungeon, along with their minions, who are all dressed in summer outfits.

- Defeat them so that the final boss appears.

- The defeated monsters will sometimes leave Refreshing Watermelons. Gather these to exchange them with the Event Grutin for some summery items.



You can make the following with the Event Grutin:

Item Melons
Watermelon Juice 20
Golden Watermelon Juice 25
Bonus Keycard 50
Flippers 95
Snorkel Mask 95
Hair Crab 95
Gold Random Box (50 to 2,500) 100
Fashion Blueprint Chest 150
Turbulent Clothes Qube 160
Life Ring 250
Feisty Tuna 250
Swim School 445
Turbulent Weapon 665


Do you want to make your room with some more decorations? Then take a look in the Raid Quest Window! There are two quests that will reward your efforts with mini figurines of bosses Nita and Naran for your home. 


There are also two Summer Sprint! Events together with the Turbulent Beach Holiday, which can be found under the following symbol:

Duration of the 1st summer event:
from 12/7 (at 9 AM CEST) until 25/7/2018 (at 9 AM CEST).

Duration of the 2nd summer event:
from 26/7 (at 9 AM CEST) until 9/8/2018 (at 9 AM CEST).

How the Sprint! Event Works:

1. Click on the event symbol, and next to the mini map.

2. You will receive their stated rewards after you complete the quests in the ‘Round 1’ tab.

3. A new round will be activated every day.

4. You can complete quests from previous rounds on later days during the event period if you want.

5. You will receive a Starfish that acts as headwear after you have completed all quests for the 1st summer event.

6. You will receive a backpack in the form of a turtle shell after you have completed all quests for the 2nd summer event.



New character Iris Yuma: A storm of bitterness and anger about the deaths of her family to the Great Void rages within Iris. Her weapon, Hammer Stol, releases these emotions in combat. Iris executes her enemies with masterful precision and merciless destructive power. Mercy is a foreign concept to her and her Laser Cannon. 



Log into the game now and head out to battle with Iris!


Here are your gifts:

Gamefore has wrapped up a booming item pack to help you start Iris with a bang, which can be redeemed immediately. Get the dark red hair color for Iris and the following items:

- 1×Radio (Community)

- 10×Improved HP Kit

- 10×Respawner

- 3×Anti-Destruction


Coupon Code

Here are how to redeem:

- Open the premium shop in the bottom-right of the screen.

- The items will be delivered to you via the in-game messaging system, HEMS.

- The code can be redeemed until 6/8/2018.


Gameforge also running the Iris Sprint! Event to celebrate the new Soul Worker Iris Yuma. This runs in the same way as the Summer Sprint! Event. The full Date outfit for Iris awaits, along with 5 Bonus Keycards as well as a three-day Silver VIP Membership as rewards!

from 12/7 to 26/7/2018 (at 9 AM CEST).

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