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Soul Worker Haru Guide: Part 2 Haru’s Skills – Passive Skills

By Nancy G
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The Best Gaming Store MomGah will show you Soul Worker Haru Guide continuously. I have introduced Haru’s active skills at the previous Soul Worker News. Today, I will go on the second part: Haru’s Skills – Passive Skills.



BasicAttackMastery_zpstkljsx18.png  Basic Attack

A passive skill that increases the amount of SF you regenerate with your basic attacks. It also allows you to use your basic attacks to execute various combos. It actually has a very large impact on your SF regeneration, and ranking this skill allows you to spend less time doing normal attacks and more time using your actives.


SpecialAttackMastery_zpsciefmzyl.png  Soulstrike

It allows Haru to perform a special attack that uses no SF, and changes based off whether it’s used in the air or on the ground. In the air, Haru performs a forward kicking towards the ground, but the ground version is what makes this skill special. On the ground, she will slam her free hand on the ground and send out a small cone of energy in front of her. This energy will slow enemies, and it will recover a sizeable amount of SF to Haru when maxed.


EmergencyDodge_zpswnfi8ql7.png  Escape Route

This skill allows Haru to dodge attacks, and provides I-Frames during the animation. This is Haru’s main method of survival and allows her to get out of the way of boss attacks or dodge through large single hit attacks.


RisingRoll_zpshxa9fixv.png  Shadow Roll

This skill is generally kept at rank 2, because you actually want the longer time for the invincibility, and you get the stamina cost reduction at this rank as well. If you rarely find yourself getting knocked down, you can leave it at rank 1.


RisingAttack_zpszqv4arh1.png  Retaliation

This skill does the same thing as Shadow Roll basically. It provides invincibility and allows Haru to recover, but she attacks instead of rolling.


Dash_zpsvgczsdsy.png  Sprint

Consumes stamina to allow Haru to roll forward in a specified direction, then sprint as long as you hold the button.


SpecialDashAttack_zpsyyl52oy2.png  Dash Special Attack

This skill allows Haru to end her dash with a special attack. It has her somersault forward twice and slams her sword down. This skill has goodish SF recovery on a low cooldown.


SpecialDodge_zpsxkay9v6u.png  Elusion

This skill allows Haru to dodge forcibly when getting attacked. She needs to be getting hit to activate this skill. It has a very long cooldown, but this can be reduced by 33% by maxing it.


StaminaMastery_zpsdji9kmz9.png  Stamina Mastery

This skill increases the rate at which Haru's stamina recovers and increases the stamina recovery rate quite noticeably.


EndlessStruggle_zpsyxodkeig.png  Temeraire

This skill is unique to Haru, which provides a permanent percent increase to her BASE attack. This means that the actual increase is much less noticeable than one would expect.


VengefulSword_zpsg11xkyq1.png  Retribution

This is another unique passive skill to Haru, it provides additional SF regeneration on normal attacks and restores SF at set intervals as well. This skill contributes to Haru's phenomenal SF generation in all circumstances.


That’s all my introduction about Haru’s Passive Skills, and I will show Advancement next. If you want to strengthen your character with Soul Worker Dzenai and know more about Soul Worker Guide, you can visit MmoGah, the Professional Gaming Store where you can get safe Soul Worker Gold with Large Coupons. Welcome to MmoGah!

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