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Soul Worker Haru Guide: Part 2 Haru’s Skills – Advancement, Hysteria and Supernova

By Nancy G2018-04-26

When Haru grows more powerful, she will own Advancement and ultimate skills- Hysteria and Supernova. Now the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will continue Soul Worker Haru Skills.




As Haru grows as a fighter, one sword is not enough for her, so Haru acquires a second sword through her advancement. When Haru completes her advancement, the following skills will be available.


Icon_Ssword_Skill_SpinAttack_A_zps1nem0adv.png  Whirl Blade Extension - Extra Attack

This extension skill is amazing, it allows Haru to follow up Whirl Blade's initial slash with two more spin slashes, gaining more distance and doing more damage.


Icon_Ssword_Skill_FlashStep_A_zpsyi7ehj8h.png  Bolt Waltz Extension - Heavy Attack

This skill adds significantly to the damage and SA break of Bolt Waltz, but it also slows it down, since Haru needs to combine her swords before stepping back for the throw.


SwordFall_zpstsx7mq7j.png  Sword Fall

This skill does the damage and SA break of Rain of Blades and it shares a similar long cooldown with Blade Shower.


SlashingWarfare_zpsafedtv9j.png  Slashing Warfare

This skill combines the properties of First Blade, Wind Rupture, and Bladewall in one attack, it provides amazing utility and damage.


EternalCombination_zpsnkhqahpv.png  Eternal Combination

This skill rewards continuous aggression, and is an amazing buff together with Arena Storm. The nature of this buff means it takes time to ramp up, but it’s very easy to stack on multiple enemies.


ExtinctionPrelude_zpssop4cyir.jpg  Extinction Prelude

Haru draws her second sword and dashes forward, performing a series of attacks in a large radius quickly, finishing up by slamming and leaping in the center with a number of energy blades erupting from the ground.


This skill owns extremely high damage with extremely higher SA break. It uses no SF and no skill points, which means it has no downside except force cancelling Supernova.


Hysteria and Supernova

These skills are part of the unique system in Soul Worker, where you gather a resource named Spirit Nova from fallen enemies. The amount you gathered is marked on a gauge on your screen. Gathering enough Nova makes these skills available to use.


2_zpsxyrcplz5.jpg  Hysteria

It will consume half your Soul Nova gauge to activate Hysteria, a buff that lasts 30 seconds. When Haru activates Hysteria, she gets SA, 25% damage reduction, and a 20% movement speed bonus. At the beginning, this skill is the only one you have to use your Soul Vapor on. It definitely increases Haru's survivability, so you can use it for its benefits in tough fights.


1_zpsgeirpstg.jpg Supernova

This skill requires and consumes your entire Soul Nova gauge to activate Supernova, a buff that lasts 60 seconds. When Haru activates Supernova, she gets SA, 50% damage reduction, 20% increased attack, and a 20% movement speed bonus. This skill also gives Haru access to Extinction Prelude when it’s active after her advancement. Haru's Supernova stays true to her all-rounder nature, increasing her defense, offense and mobility all at once.


That’s the end of Soul Worker Haru Skills, and I will show you the next part of Haru Guide - Sample Skill Builds and Haru Tips. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai and know more about Soul Worker News, you can visit MmoGah, the Best Gaming Store where you can get safe Soul Worker Dz with Large Coupons. Welcome to MmoGah!

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