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Soul Worker Golden Citadel Raid Guide

By Nancy G2018-05-10

The Golden Citadel is for the toughest Soul Worker players: the instance comprises five spaces, and each of which has a characteristic theme as well as its own boss. If you are strong enough to survive, you will be rewarded with some valuable equipment items and plenty of Soul Worker Dzenai. Now a Professional Soul Worker Website MmoGah will show you Soul Worker Golden Citadel Raid Guide.



D-Line Mageddon


Let’s start with the easiest and most annoying boss. Mageddon’s main ability is a freezing debuff. As soon as the fight starts Mageddon will apply a debuff on each party member. This debuff does nothing for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds if the debuff is still on you, another debuff replaces the previous one, which will instantly freeze the player for 10 seconds.


Your main goal is to look around, find a pillar and activate it while the first debuff is still counting. The Pillar will apply a buff on you for 10 seconds. As long as the buff is on you, it will protect you from freezing.


Mageddon’s other abilities:

 - Freezing Globe: instantly freeze you without the buff.

 - Blades of Ice: it is a double slashing AoE attack. Go close to the boss in order to avoid this attack.

 - Ice cutter: it is a mid-range attack which will freeze the ground. Ice Cutter usually comes right after Blades of Ice and it deals High amount of damage. Run away from the boss to avoid.


D-Line Equaleon


Equaleon’s attacks come with a fire debuff which can stack up to 5. Each stack deals more damage. A 5 stacks debuff will eat your hp in seconds. Equaleon will summon Fire Pools and Meteors all around the area. Try to avoid as many as possible.


Fire Balls are slow and easy to avoid, so you just need to make sure to not stand near or front of them. At 70% and 30% health Equaleon will fill up the entire area with Lava. Each player should get on a different platform as soon as possible.


Your main goal here is to find the red crystal on one of the platforms and destroy it. It will reset the area. After destroying the crystal, the boss will not attack for a few second. This is the best time for you to heal up everyone.


D-Line Jagger


Jagger is a gimmick boss. As soon as the fight start, a golden pylon will appear in the stage. Your main goal here is to destroy the pylon as fast as possible. As long as the pylon is on the stage, the boss can use its AoE howling attack and deal more and more damage. Make sure to not get hit by the laser which is coming from the pylon, because it will apply a paralyzing debuff on you.


Jagger can only use his howling attack when a pylon is active on the stage. The longer the pylon is on the stage, the higher the damage of the howling attack. Its teleporting attack leaving an electrical field behind. Dealing damage and paralyzing anyone who step into the field. Do your best to avoid them all.


Jagger select a random party member and stomp on the ground. Summoning an electrical field around the selected player. The field deals damage over time and place a paralyzing debuff on the player. Get out from there as soon as possible.


D-Line Demon


The main theme of this fighter is slow and silence. When Demon is on her knees she is channeling an AoE attack, which can slow and silence on direct hit. When she opens a portal she select a random party member, teleport close to her while using her spinning attack. Dealing high amount of damage. When she summons balls around, try to avoid them. These balls slowing and silence you on contact. Her last ability is a quick flying attack. She fly around and leaving damaging holes all around the area. Try to avoid them.


D-Line Ultimaton


The last boss, Ultimaton is a hard hitting tank. Ultimaton have dashing, slashing, stomping, and knock back meele attacks, which are easy to dodge. When he summoning flames around him, try to go far away from him to avoid the flames.


The hard part kicks in when he summons the previous 4 bosses. They can do the same as before. Paralyzing, burning, freezing, slowing you down. Thankfully the ghosts of the previous bosses are having small amount of health, and they can be killed fast.


The main difference between normal and elemental version of Golden Citadel. In normal you cannot use any consumables, in elemental you can use consumables. In both normal and element version of Golden Citadel, you cannot use Respawners. If you die, you will be teleported out of the dungeon. If you are not sure about that you can survive inside of Golden Citadel, I highly suggest you to get some +hp, like around 50000 to 55000 minimum.


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