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Soul Worker: Enchantment Bonus and Some Epic Furniture Events

By Nancy G2018-08-17

The Aurith Gods of Soul Worker have issued a challenge! The location of the first event is the Golden Citadel district. Prove to the gods that you are able to complete this district multiple times over and be rewarded with fantastic figures for your in-game home as well as a gate of solid gold! In addition, two more events will be starting where you can enchant your weapons and armour.

Events running time: 16/8 to 6/9/2018


Does your home have space for some epic furnishings? Then brave the dangerous realm of the Golden Citadel!

These rewards could be yours:

Golden Citadel (completion) Rewards
Enter district (without completion) 1× Golden Gate
1 district completion 1× Title: Gold
1× Anti-Destruction
5 district completions 1× Juggernaut Figure
2× Weapon Upgrade Chip
10 district completions 1× Demon Figure
3× Weapon Upgrade Chip
15 district completions 1× Equaleon Figure
4× Weapon Upgrade Chip
20 district completions 1× Title: Apocalypse
1× Apocalypse Figure
5× Weapon Upgrade Chip


Additional Mission Details:

- The event is open to all characters who are able to enter the Golden Citadel district.

- The rewards will be sent to your character after the event.

- District completions will not be added to your other characters.

- The event does not have a progress display.



When you enchant your Aurith weapons and armour, there are more rewards!

- Enchant your armour to +7, +8 or +9 during the event.

- After the event period, the corresponding reward boxes will be sent to you.

- Per gear type (armour, weapon, headwear, shoulderguards and leg guards) you receive the reward for the corresponding upgrade level once.

- The event does not have a progress display too.


These Aurith items can be enchanted in order to earn the reward boxes:

Aurith’s Head Protector of the Fallen
Aurith’s Shoulderguard of the Fallen
Aurith’s Leg Guards of the Fallen
In the Name of Aurith
Aurith Gunner
Aurith Devourer
Bastion Aurith Arms
Merlio’s Aurith
Aurith Fury
Aurith’s Chest Guard of the Fallen


Reward for upgrades:

Enchantment Rewards
Enchantment to +7 Magical Support Qube
Enchantment to +8 5× Magical Support Qube
Enchantment to +9 10× Magical Support Qube
600× Grutin Gold


One of the following rewards will be in a box:

3× 100000 Soul Worker Dzenai
1× 500000 Dzenai Qube
3× 1000000 Dzenai Qube
1× 5000000 Dzenai Qube
1× 5000 Aethar Qube
1× 10000 Aethar Qube
1× 15000 Aethar Qube
1× 30000 Aethar Qube
1× 50000 Aethar Qube
1× Anti-Destruction
3× Anti-Destruction
5× Anti-Destruction
7× Anti-Destruction
1× Strength Expansion Ticket
1× Energy Converter
3× Weapon Upgrade Chip
15× Weapon Upgrade Chip
30× Weapon Upgrade Chip
3× Armour Upgrade Chip
15× Armour Upgrade Chip
30× Armour Upgrade Chip
8× Normal Aetharite
24× Normal Aetharite
80× Normal Aetharite


Magical hours every weekend during the event period! A mysterious buff will be active that provides you with a doubled success rate on enchantments as soon as you see the event symbol.

Region Saturdays and Sundays
Europe 10-11 AM CEST
9-10 PM CEST
North America 10-11 AM PDT
4-5 PM PDT
9-10 PM PDT


Are you ready for the challenge of the Aurith Gods? Fight in the Golden Citadel district and find out! You can visit Gameforge to see more about the events. If you want to know more about Soul Worker such as Soul Worker Guide, you can come to the Best Gaming Store MmoGah. And you can also Buy Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai here. The professional services will never let you down!


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