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Soul Worker Dungeon Guide: Last Carnival

By Nancy G2018-09-04

Today, the Popular Gaming Site MmoGah will show you Soul Worker Dungeon Guide: Last Carnival. This guide referred to Ice’s last carnival guide, you can read the original article if you want. This dungeon contains six area and a boss area. Now let’s enter the Carnival world.



How to access Last Carnival

Last Carnival is the first casual raid dungeon, which located on the right part of Rocco Town. You must finish all yellow quests firstly, then accept the blue quest from Benjamin in Rocco to access it. You must accept this quest in order to unlock the portal to Last Carnival.



This dungeon is similar to all other casual raids, drops:

- BP (Booker Points)

- Blueprints to craft Raid gear

- Elemental shards

- Raid Accessories

- Tickets to enter Golden Citadel 

- Tritanium/Irregular Stones/Common Materials


First Area

Go near the exit portal, and group up mobs together there. This is done because the annoying small puppet miniboss doesn't want to follow you into the middle of the room, so very often you'll end up having all the mobs dead, except for this miniboss which will be near full health. You'll be able to kill this miniboss quickly as well by grouping up mobs together near the end portal.


Second Area

It splits up into 3 teams in this room. One team goes to the right, one goes to the left, and one goes straight. You must focus on killing their Blue Crystal quickly to prevent summoning of more mobs. Kill all remaining mobs after all Blue Crystals are down. It's good to group them up together near the middle, provided that they won't take too much time walking up to the middle of the room. You'll be able to attack the Red Crystal after all the mobs are dead.


Third Area

You'll see a lobby with 5 portals. Go into the first portal on the left. Kill the miniboss to prevent him from spawning more trash mobs. all mobs will die after he's dead.


Fourth Area

Enter the second portal from the left. Before the timer runs out, you'll have to clear 3 waves of mobs here. You'll have to eat an explosion to your face if you somehow don't kill them all in time. It's useful to use Junk Knight by standing in the corner to ensure your summon hits all the mobs in the room.


Fifth Area

Enter the fourth portal from the left. Mobs will spawn after a certain amount of time has passed in this room. You can't really speed it up. Watch out not to step on the flames on the floor.


Sixth Area

You should focus more on this area, because this room is very important. You'll have to traverse 3 hallways, connected by small rooms. Don't kill the mobs in any of the hallways. Dodge through the flames in the first and second hallway to avoid taking damage. Don’t enter the third hallway yet. Wait in the small room before the third hallway. Everyone must enter the last hallway at the same time and go through it quickly. It will activate the flames 3 seconds afterwards if one person steps inside the 3rd hallway. You have to jump to get through them, so you cannot dodge those flames. If the flames are already up, you'll take damage. The rest of the party will have to die if one person enters the room too soon, because they won't make it in time before the flames show up. Make sure to agree on a call to enter the room simultaneously. For example, a good call is Erwin using his buff skills, or your party leader jumping up.


Boss Area


This boss is very simple. His attacks are easy to learn and avoid. The only thing you should watch out for is the flames that will appear on the floor as the battle progresses. Don't stand in those flames and you'll be alright.


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