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Some Tips about Making Riders of Icarus Gold from a Senior Player

By Leo Jiang2016-08-29

Without exception, gold plays an important role in all Mmo games, includes Riders of Icarus. Some players think they might not need it immediately, but it'll definitely be useful or at least nice to have. Making Riders of Icarus Gold is all about pinpointing the best things to sell based on what market you can currently work based on where you are, how much Icarus gold you have to start with, and how much time you have to invest, among other things. The following will introduce some tips about making ROI Gold.


Gathering is actually a great way to make money, but far from the most exciting. It's actually probably the most boring, but stable all over model list. You can find gavel resources. It’ll be in your best interest to look for more valuable ones in concentrated spots. For example, sage grasses abundance on the floating islands west of garrison camping the sea of happiness sage grass is also used in the upper level potions, so these will be the man for a while. Playing meet is also another great idea west of San space camp, you'll find wolves and cows that drop playing meet an alternate location is outside of northern watch tower.

Usually, gold will come by much more easily in the future. I'm sure you've all heard the expression time is money so let's jump straight into it. First, you can make money from dozens fear by filling up a slot. This is to encourage running dungeons with fewer people. We're at a point in the game right now, when there are some people can so every dungeon with ease. This isn't for everybody and might not be for you, but the point I'm trying to make is related to cost versus rewards. For example, solo a dungeon takes you three times as long, it's still worth it, because you're running five times as much loot.


Making icarus gold is diverse, but there are two main categories, the first category is the busy type, where you don’t have to go out-side, and it consists of few methods combined into one method.

1: The first one is to craft items used frequently by the majority of the player base no matter how much they are selling for, and there are few items worth crafting to further riders of icarus gold figures on a daily basis, such as crafting phantom, Karresh, Terror Kerav Marks, and on top of those you can occasionally craft Hp potions, and manna potions.


2: The second method of the first category is to re-sell frequently bought items, and items necessary for improving gear, crafting of all sorts, and rare items such as legendary familiar equipment. For items required to improve gear you can re-sell Elite Seal stones, Heroic seal stones, and elite level 95+ tempering stones.


Re-selling items required for crafting include

1: Amethyst Ore.

2: Ore. Mysterious Fragment (which is huge right now)

3: Mithril

4: All spirit remnant types, and many more.

You can use to make icarus gold is by injecting raw roi gold into the in-game economy, and by that I mean doing dungeons and vendering all the worthless items you get to the npc’s, while selling any item that goes for more than 15 riders of icarus gold in the auction, one day I managed to bank about 350 roi gold in a day by following this method alone to extreme levels.


You will need to do all of Ruins of matren (RoM), Carleon mannor (CM), Lavalight cave (LC) on heroic V difficulty back to back with elite V of all three dungeons, this is good because you will foremost find Many items to vender and sell to npc’s ,and the majority of those items go for 20 Silver average, which will result in huge sums of riders of icarus gold given enough time/runs, moreover there is a chance you get excellent necklaces ,and weapons lances etc.. That have high-quality stats which fluctuate in price (100-250g), In addition to those two you get many elite seal stones which sell for 2.30 Icarus gold at peak hours.

Shift + right click is your best choose. When listing in the Auction House something you'll be doing a lot. This is how you split stacks. I see people make The biggest mistake is the idea that more is better, but list huge stacks of things for "great" prices that will never sell, for example when the taming mark recipe requires 5, not all ones need 400 Giant Nettles. So you need to do some research and split your stacks accordingly. As you know elite gear isn't worth the AH slots take up. Sell it to a vendor, at least the AH fees for more profitable items will be covered.


With the caveat Heroic gear sells nicely that it has to have decent stat rolls at least. No Priest needs armor with triple STR rolls on it...just use stuff like that for tempering stones, if you're really hard up you can also turn around and sell the stones. Aside from that it's all about finding your own niche in the market, preferably more than one.


Harvesting raw materials can net you a tidy if you don't mind doing the legwork, if time consuming profit. Since they're used in Alchemy to make pots Sage Grass and Cherpa Snow Flowers both sell well, and are always in demand. Also you can do daily/repeatable quests for a number of taming items, though they sell for fairly low prices if you don't mind tediousness.

The consumables market runs on much lower margins but is much more consistent for sales. Since you wouldn't have to buy those items yourself when you need them. Pots and bandages, especially if you harvest/collect the mats, can net you a decent living and save you some roi gold at the same time.


In general taming marks are really big business. First price it out before buying the materials from the AH though--unless you can reliably crit/triumph craft a particular mark, chances are off farming some or all of the mats yourself.


When you aren't around If you're capable of leaving the game running, leveling and sealing familiars is a very, very good business, if steep on the time investment. A large portion of my first 100g was made from the backs of the familiars I sold, most of which are worth even more if you can raise them to max level first.

You also have to watch out for baiters--people who deliberately list a few items at a very low price, wait for someone to snag and reprice it at the standard rate, and then undercut them with the rest of their stock. Once you're wise to the trick it's easy enough to avoid, and you can make a really tidy profit off of them too.


It's pretty simple, you just refresh the AH until you find an item priced much lower than it should be. Buy it, then sell it at the standard going rate. This one takes a little bit of work and a good eye, as you need to know what's actually worth reselling and you often won't have time to look it up, since there are a lot of people who know off the top of their heads. When you have a small amount of starting capital--I'd say 50g or so, you can take a shot at AH flipping.

So you are a new player facing people who have spent over a month and a half playing the game ,and want a way to catch up faster, well here is the guide for you


First it’s important to note few things about equipment in riders of icarus. Well rolled armor is considerably better than high level armor with barely any relevant stats that don't contribute to your class, so I would recommend that you get level 25 frozen gear from the auction with good stats ,and corrupt (will explain in few seconds why two completely different sets.)


Set bonus is something very important to consider especially on tanks, and berserks. Sealing slots are what make/break a gear. All the familiars in the game can be sealed, and once a familiar is sealed they increase your attributes if put in-to a slot by a fixed number like 90 Phy.att/M.Att, or 28HP% Defense % etc.

To temper equipment I would recommend you buy level 70-80 tempering stones to go from +9 to +10, and level 45-70 tempering stones to go from +0 to +9, don’t worry Enhancing armor in the game isn’t something hard, it will cost you around 20g if you have the worst luck in the world to upgrade an item to+10.


Now all of that knowledge allows you to equip yourself accordingly ,I would recommend you buy frozen gear, and corrupt gear ,and see the set bonuses that come with them ,then decide what stats you want most ,and get the required items.

No one shares all of their trade secrets. But this will get you started and you'll find once you do make that first 100g or so, your options for making money expand significantly if you look for it. Just like irl, the more you have the easier it is to make. And also like irl, don't ever invest everything into a single market. Aside from the above, look around and find your own piece of the AH pie. This is all "basic" stuff that you can find in YT videos and forum guides, but is no means a comprehensive list of things you can do to make money.


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