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Top 10 Tips for New Runescape Players

Delia Woolf Date: July 06th, 2017 Views: 13092 rs guide rs tips rs beginners guide runescape gold rs gold

With the coming of the new update of The Magister, many new players are joining in Runescape. The game has had over 200 million accounts created and is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's largest free MMORPG and the most-updated game. Here are the top 10 tips you need to know for Runescape. These tips are especially geared towards beginners who are just now wading into the deep and intricate world which Runescape contains.



1. Quest

• Questing in Runescape is somewhat different than other MMORPGs. Explore rich storylines, where your actions have a real impact on the game world.


2. Craft Your Own Adventure

• Set yourself some goals: having an objective in Runescape will help you create your own path within the game.


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3. Use the Wiki Page

• The page of Runescape Wiki is a great resource for novice and veteran players – if you are stuck, they probably definitely have the answer.



4. Traverse the World Map

• The world map has a great filter section that allows you to search for exactly what you want in the game world.


5. Acquaint Yourself with the Basics of Battle


• Combat works apply there combat styles in a combat triangle and ability system of abilities. The triangle is: Magic beats Melee, Melee beats Ranged, Range beats Magic. Every style has its own abilities, and clever use of these abilities makes a player much stronger.



6. Join a Clan

• Clans are groups of people who share a chat and own a Citadel, which is a special base that’s unique to each clan.


7. Use the Grand Exchange


• The Grand Exchange is the market place of Runescape – it’s automated, so buying and selling stuff takes very little effort.


8. Explore Menaphos: The Golden City


• Journey to the Menaphos: The Golden City – Runescape has a new expansion, a whole new city to explore and uncover for new players and veterans alike.



9. Utilize the Path System

• Find your own path – Use the Path System to choose the first steps in your journey. If you ever need a push in the right direction, it’ll point you to content based on your choice of three categories: questing, combat and non-combat skills.


10. Familiar with All the Combat Systems

• Get to know the various combat systems – experiment with Manual, Revolution, or Legacy Mode systems. Visit the Combat Academy in Lumbridge for a rewarding tutorial.


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