• The Updates of Runescape in April 2017
    By qili2017-04-06 00:00:00

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    Gemstone Dragons

    With the footsteps of runes and strong dragon scales, this April the official is launching a brand-new type of fire breathing foe – the gemstone dragon.

    If you have a gemstone dragons Slayer assignment from Kuradal or Morvran, he’ll let you right through. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a fee in uncut dragonstone (2 kills per gem), onyx (400) or hydrix (4000) to enter and slay the dragons therein.

    Slayer levels required are 95 for dragonstone dragons, 98 for onyx dragons and no less than 101 for hydrix dragons.

    To reach these lofty levels before Menaphos, you’ll need a boost. A great option is the new wilder pie, which requires 90 Cooking to make, and requires an uncooked wild pie and ground dragonstone. It boosts Ranged by 5 and Slayer by 6, and the Slayer boost will not deplete for 6 minutes after the pie is eaten, meaning more time to grapple with the biggest beasts of the herd.



    Slayer Dungeon Re-Work & Expansion

    The main update on offer in the recent Slayer blog is the re-work of Nieve's Dungeon.

    Slayer is a skill which takes you far and wide, offering you opportunities to visit many places you otherwise wouldn't see in your day-to-day play.

    The addition of Nieve's Stronghold Slayer Dungeon and the immense amount of Slayer creatures found within have lessened the variety Slayer provides. With so many tasks killable in this dungeon, you'll find yourself there on a large chunk of your assignments.

    The official is offering to move several of the monsters found within Nieve's Dungeon to other parts of the map, as well as increasing the number of spawns available.

    If this update passes, you'll find yourself travelling to a larger variety of locations when taking on Slayer assignments. The places you end up going to will also have a larger number of the creatures available to be slain.



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