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RuneScape News: The Update of Achievements and Timed Hiscores

Balthazar's Big Raffle has already kicked off, so get involved and claim some of those glorious prizes. Today MmoGah shares with all RuneScape fans a couple of doozies introduced to RuneScape: the Achievement update, and a relaunch of Seasonal Hiscores.




The UI has been improved with a slick new layout and a streamlined user flow, and that includes a host of new Paths to guide you through Gielinor.

RuneScore, which calculates the sum of your achievements is also introduced. You can send this to your friends and use to measure your performance against other players.

If you are willing to compare with others, you just right click on your friends and select compare. You can also right click on someone whom you are not friends with to check out their RuneScore as long as their settings allows for it. If you don’t want to display your RuneScore, you can always amend your privacy.


The Dev Team have bulked out the list of things to do with loads of new achievements, particularly those focused around PvM, and a new subcategory will help you navigate.

There will be new achievements for minigames, as well as some more playful, miscellaneous ones.


Hiscores relaunch

Seasonal hiscores are going to relaunch with six all-new timed ones and titles to match:



Queen Black Dragon - fastest kill time



Araxxi (solo) - fastest kill time




Nex (solo)- fastest kill time




 Telos (200% + enrage) - fastest kill time 



Fastest dungeon (solo, medium dungeon, complexity 6, no guide mode, max bonus rooms)


Dungeon Speedster 


Fastest group dungeon (five people, large dungeon, complexity 6, no guide mode, max bonus rooms) 


Speedy Dungeoneer 




How it works:

-Each of the hiscores will run for seven days, and recur over eight weeks in total.

-The winner of each hiscore will receive the Supreme title, the crown of supremacy and the hiscore unique title in gold.

-The top 100 players for each hiscore will receive the hiscore unique title in silver.

-There are now icons in-game that provide details of active hiscores you can compete for. These will appear both on the instance creation interface for bosses and the Dungeoneering starter interface.


Click to check out this week’s patch notes. Hope you enjoy the new updates!


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