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RuneScape: New Update of Boss Drop Collections

If you're the adventurer who has to have it all, this week's update of RuneScape is for you. We've introduced new accolades for the most thorough of boss looters, and the Motherlode Maw's had an overhaul, making it more useful than ever for finishing those last few comp-cape requirements.


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Boss Drop Collections


If you're a seasoned boss battler, there's a new way to be rewarded for your dedication to pummelling Gielinor's biggest nasties: Collections.

Head to the Beasts tab, pick a boss, then click the new 'Collection' button beneath their picture. There, you'll see a list of drops that you'll need to obtain from the boss in question to earn an all-new title. Note that some items will already be ticked off, if you've obtained them.

There's a hidden achievement for each one, too, which will show up in the new 'Feats' section of the Achievements interface on completion.



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Here are the titles you can claim:


[name] the Araxyte (Araxxi)

Kal-Haar-Xil [name] (TzHaar)

Graverobber [name] (The Barrows Brothers)

[name], Banisher of Shadows (Rise of the Six)

cHa0s [name] (Chaos Elemental)

[name], Finesse of the Icyene (Commander Zilyana)

Dark Core [name] (Corporeal Beast)

Bukalla's Heir [name] (Dagannoth Kings)

[name], Strength of Ourgs (General Graardor)

[name] of the Underground (Giant Mole)

[name] the Faceless One (Gregorovic)

Shapeshifter [name] (Helwyr)

[name] the Kingslayer (Kalphite King)

[name] the Queenslayer (Kalphite Queen)

[name] the Last Rider (King Black Dragon)

[name], Swiftness of the Aviansie (Kree'arra)

[name], Brawn of a Tsutsaroth (K'ril Tsutsaroth)

Legio [name] (Legiones)

[name] the Liberator (Liberator of Mazcab)

[name] of the Crossing (The Magister)

[name], Tenacity of Zarytes (Nex)

[name] of the Praesul (Nex – Angel of Death)

[name] the Experiment (Queen Black Dragon)

[name] the Dormant (Telos)

[name] the Lone Fury (Twin Furies)

[name] the Dragonrider (Vindicta & Gorvek)

[name] of Omens (Vorago)


Please note that some of the darker colours above have a shadow added for purposes of visibility. This won't appear in-game.


Motherlode Maw


We've gone through your feedback with a fine-toothed comb, and overhauled the comp-cape-chasing goodies that the Maw can spit out.

See below to find out what you can get, what's become less likely to show up, and what's been removed entirely.



There's also an all-new lore book to pick up from the nearby altar, revealing the origins of the Maw and the gemstone dragons.


Patch Notes


See the patch notes for further details of today's updates.


That's your lot for this week, 'Scapers. Have a great time chasing those high-level goals, and we'll see you in game. Thanks for reading. More news and guides of Runescape will be coming incessantly in MmoGah.


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