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RuneScape Monster Hunting Guide: Armadyl’s Eyrie

Armadyl’s Eyrie has been rated as extremely High-Risk area of RuneScape, and you may “die” frequently. Today, the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you this RS Monster Hunting Guide- Armadyl’s Eyrie.


About Fighters

Kree'arra is the lowest levelled of the God Wars bosses, but it has the highest max hit, an impressive 690 using ranged. It can also hit up to 500 with melee, and up to 250 with magic. However, melee attacks usually aren't much of a problem in groups, because if no-one is currently attacking it, it will only use its melee attack. Its ranged and magic attacks are performed at the same time, and hit every player in the room.








You can get killcount either outside or inside of the Eyrie. Kill aviansies and pray ranged, preferably the lower levelled ones. It requires a Saradomin item to the east of the chasm. You will only need an Armadyl or Nex item to get killcount inside the Eyrie if you lure the Gorak. Using Zamorak's unholy book is also an option. This keeps Zamorak's creatures unaggressive, and can speed up killcount slightly, but at the cost of an inventory space.




This boss's attacks will hit everyone in the room when fighting in a team. Kree'arra will only use melee while not being attacked by anyone, but this occurs very rarely in a team. Always emphasize ranged attack, pray ranged and magic defense, as well as prayer bonus. You can just use diamonds throughout the fight, or use enchanted ruby bolts for the first half of Kree'arra, and then switch to enchanted diamond bolts.





Solo Armadyl has both benefits and drawbacks over teams. It is easy to start a trip, although your trips are much shorter, and usually more expensive, you can get to keep all your drops yourself. There are also higher requirements, when only one person is in the room, Kree'arra's melee attack is used much more often.


Recommended Levels:

- 90+ Magic

- 90+ Defence

- 90+ Prayer

- 95+ Ranged

- 96+ Summoning


Using a summoned familiar helps the most during solo runs: you can use a Steel Titan to get much minion kills and faster killcount, a Unicorn Stallion for greater healing, or a Pack Yak to greatly increase your inventory. Praying Leech/Rigour Ranged or other boosting prayers will help you suffer less dmg and kill Kree'arra faster. Using these prayers is always better than not, unless of course you are low on prayer potions.




Armadyl requires higher stats than the melee bosses to perform well at, but the drops are generally more highly valued. Instead of having to seek out a tank, all gamers have the same task. It is also generally fairly easy to find teammates. Killcount usually takes longer than the melee bosses here, and you will suffer more damage while performing it.

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