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  • RuneScape Guide: How to Complete the Ghost Stories of Gielinor
    By Michel Z2017-11-03 00:00:00

    We have mentioned before that the 2017 Hallowe'en event consists of a miniquest called Ghost Stories of Gielinor. Today Lildogdog RS will bring you the guide to the 2017 Halloween Event in RuneScape 3. He is showing you how to complete all the ghost stories.



    To do this quest, you will need the items below:

    · Any kind of food

    · Water (Bucket of water, Vial of water, etc)

    · Access to the Lodestone Network

    · Ring of kinship (for teleporting to Daemonheim)

    · Drakan's medallion (for teleporting around Morytania)


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    To begin the event, you need to speak to Closure who is located outside of Death's office, near the Draynor Village lodestone. Quick access can be gained through the various event noticeboards or the holiday portal in Prifddinas. 

    He will ask you to track down ghosts and collect their final moments in The Ghastly Grimoire. There are nine different ghosts that located across Gielinor. They’ll reveal different stories when found. After each story is collected, a chat message will inform you: You have discovered #/10 of the ghost stories. You will also receive a ghost treat for completing a story.



    Heralds of the Apocalypse: The first story is in North-east of the Edgeville lodestone. You will find a ghost who asks for food and water (Any kind of food, any form of water is OK, but watering cans, waterskins or holy water will not work). She then reveals her story, completing this part of the miniquest. 

    The Group Gatestone: The second one is in Daemonheim (east of Abandoned I barrier). Travel to the lobby area of Daemonheim, you bank everything except the book, then speak to the ghost who will lead you to a dungeon.

    Always and Forever: The ghost can be found north of Aubury's shop in Varrock.

    By the Light of the Moon: The ghost can be found west of the Falador north gate.

    Family Reunion: The ghost can be found just south of the Varrock lodestone.



    The next 5 stories are for members only:

    Wool: Outside of the Taxidermist in Canifis, talk to the ghost and offer to help in order to be transported to a location full of sheep with a fountain in the middle. You need to get to the center with only removing 3 sheep, no more no less. Start at the 5th row down on west side and aim to get towards the west side of the the fountain. The goal of this minigame is to get to the fountain and drink the water removing no more than three sheep. 



    Asleep: Talk to the ghost in the house southeast of the Ardougne lodestone. Solve the memory afflicted puzzle. After solving it, the display will turn black and white and the puzzle will get a red hue. A monster will appear under the bed.




    Tip: Exit the puzzle and enter the puzzle until you get a message "The ghost has pieced together as much of her memory as she can." The ghost will automatically complete a row each time until the last two rows are left to solve. With last two rows, start from left side and work right. One column at a time. 

    Clockwork: Head to the ghost that's at the east end of Burgh de Rott. Talk to the ghost and offer your help. 

    Saradomin Have Mercy: Right next to the entrance to the Barrows area, talk to the ghost and offer to help and you will be transported into the Barrows tomb at the reward chest.

    Do nothing. Don't open the chest. Wait for the scene to finish.

    If you do click on the treasure chest, you will get a confirmation dialog box "Claim reward from chest?" with the options of "Yes" and "No". If you select "Yes", then you get the message "As you open the chest, all faith and hope abandons you." and you will harmlessly be sent back to the ghost next to the entrance to the Barrows area, where it asks for your help, "Show me how to resist temptation. Show me the strength of your faith." 

    The Beginning and the End

    Once you have collected all 9 stories, go back to Closure. You will be rewarded for your first 5 stories. Talk to him again and you will be presented with a quiz based on the previous stories (the questions will be asked in random order).



    In 'Always and Forever', where was Trent trying to teleport to?

    The Afterlife

    In 'By the Light of the Moon', who was the werewolf?


    In 'Family Reunion', what was the nickname of the dead girl?


    In 'Wool', what was the name of the taxidermist?

    Fish Miller

    In 'Asleep', what was written on the wall?

    I know that you're awake.

    In 'Clockwork', where was the child found?


    In 'Saradomin Have Mercy', what was being tested and lost?


    In 'Heralds of the Apocalypse', which of the heralds calls Forinthry home.


    In 'The Group Gatestone', on which floors were people trapped?



    Rewards: You will get rewards for completing 5 stories: Ghost Story emote and Headless Rider Outfit cosmetic override.

    If you complete all 10 stories, you will receive a Ghostwriter title.


    Lildogdog RS’s second video details how to completing the last 5 stories:



    Hope these tips above can help you complete the Halloween event fast and smoothly. For more RuneScape Gold information, including the latest RuneScape news, guides and tutorial, please stay tuned.