• RuneScape Guide: How to Complete the G-Nome Project
    By Michel Z2017-12-12 00:00:00

    Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays! Lildogdog RS brings you the RuneScape 3 guide to the G-Nome Project which is the 2017 Christmas Event.

    You can also follow Youtuber Lildogdog RS to complete this quest step by step:




    This time, you are going to help Santa bring the toy gnome to life.

    Below are items you need to complete this holiday mini quest:

    • Redberry pie

    • 100 pale energy

    • 10 rune or pure essence

    • 12 raw lobsters



    • 24 free inventory spaces for the required items, to save banking trips

    • Ability to teleport to the Varrock and Port Sarim lodestones, and either having the Al Kharid lodestone unlocked or a charged amulet of glory for more convenient access to a part of the quest

    • A tier 3/4 luck ring (e.g luck of the dwarves) for teleporting to the Grand Exchange


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    Track Santa

    To start the event, you are going to talk to the Queen of Snow at the northern part of the Grand Exchange. She is distraught about the disappearance of her husband, Santa Claus. She said Santa is trying to create the ‘perfect boy’. She also mentions that Santa’s reindeer Rudolph is missing. Santa was seen at the grand exchange trying to sell his old Santa hat.

    Queen of Snow will ask you to go talk with Thurgo, she believes Thurgo has more information about Santa’s whereabouts. Thurgo will be found south of Port Sarim near Musa Point.

    Give Thurgo a redberry pie, he will tell you that Santa has been looking for a way to turn his toy gnome into a real boy. Thurgo directed Santa to the Queen Black Dragon to try and use the flames from her to bring the gnome to life. You will find the lair for the queen black dragon north of Thurgo, just west of the Port Sarim lodestone.


    Rescue Santa

    Once you enter the cave, a cutscene will show you a dormant queen black dragon, a damaged sleigh and Rudolph's ashes. Clicking on the damaged sleigh will awaken the queen black dragon and she will eat you.



    You’ll  find Santa and the clockwork gnome trapped inside her belly. You free both of them and return back to the platform. Santa will be sad to find that Rudolph has been killed and his sleigh damaged. After giving the ashes back to Santa, you will be teleported back to the grand exchange.



    Back at the grand exchange, Santa will ask you to speak to Doc, Aubury and Orla in order to keep carrying out his research.


    Helping Doc

    Doc thinks that he can bring the gnome to life by blasting him with a lot of power. To help him out, give him the 100 pale energy.Then he will ask you to tinker with the power generator until the generator damage has been reduced to 0%. After that, he will ask you to continue to tinker with the generator until the control panel starts to smoke. Once it starts smoking, press the control panel.

    Doc will ask you to test it first before testing on the gnome, and it will work on you, but it ultimately won’t work on the gnome.

    This activity will grant you Crafting or Smithing experience, which as after and before the quest, can be toggled through the right click menu, selecting the Configure option.


    Helping Aubury

    Aubury will ask you to stabilize his rift (found west of him) and seal 15 anomalies that appear. Before helping him out, he will ask you to remember 3 things:

    1. Anomalies are bad.

    2. I can seal anomalies while channeling the rift.

    3. I will need to seal 15 anomalies.

    The anomalies will not appear until you charge the energy rift to 100%. After all 15 anomalies have been sealed, talk to Aubury once more. He will ask for 10 pure or rune essence. He will use these essences to try and make the clockwork gnome into a real child, but will ultimately fail.

    This activity will grant you Runecrafting or Summoning experience.


    Helping Orla

    Orla will ask you to carry out a trade with a Menaphite smuggler. She will require 12 raw lobsters and ask you to meet the smuggler east of Al Kharid, in the same area as desert strykewyrms.

    When you met the smuggler, you give him the 12 raw lobsters. He will tell you to take the obelisk, at which point Orla will interrupt the conversation and offer to teleport you and the obelisk back to the grand exchange.

    At the grand exchange, you will be asked to siphon the obelisk by Orla. To do this, interact with the obelisk. A gauge will appear on the screen. Use the arrows on the sides of the gauge to align the pointer inside the circle with the small mark at the top of the circle. Repeat aligning as you siphon until percentage is complete.

    Once the obelisk reaches 100% soul absorption, Orla will attempt to use its power to bring the clockwork gnome to life, but once again failing.

    This activity will grant you Divination or Prayer experience, which can be toggled in the right click menu, by clicking the Configure option.


    Powers combined

    After all the three attempts, you speak to Santa. Santa will have given up all hope. Aubury suggests another experiment of bringing Rudolph’s ashes to the Phoenix to try and revive him.

    At the lair, the Phoenix brings Rudolph back to life. Santa will then ask the Phoenix to use his fire to bring the clockwork gnome to life. However, it doesn’t work on the gnome too.

    Back at the grand exchange, Aubury suggests trying all three methods at the same time. This time it works, the clockwork gnome becomes a real boy!




    You will be rewarded:

    • Rudolph Reborn pet

    • Snowboard (2017)

    • Full access of the energy rift, power generator and unlocking modified soul obelisk.

          • Energy rift will spawn anomalies nearby, sealing them rewards experience

          • Power generator will have a side event of smoking control panel, pressing it rewards experience

          • Modified soul obelisk will give more experience if the gauge is kept at the center of the meter. 


    You can also take part in many other activities such as winter weekends and the Christmas advent calendar. For more information on RuneScape Gold, including the latest RuneScape news, guides and tutorial, please stay tuned.