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RuneScape Guide: Damis’ Lair Dungeon Guide

Damis' Lair is normally only visited during the Desert Treasure Quest to kill Damis, but when you explore this RuneScape dungeon you will find that it is a good place to use up some spare Prayer Potions and get some reasonable experience. Today MmoGah will show you Damis’ Lair Dungeon Guide.

Getting There

The Entrance to this dungeon is west of the Fishing Guild in a Picnic Area. If you want to see the ladder that you climb down, you must be wearing a Ring of Visibility.


Map of the Dungeon


This dungeon is home to level 96 Shadow Hounds and packed with level 120 Giant Skeletons. You will appear in the South-West corner and there will be Giant Skeletons scattered around quite a distance apart when you enter the dungeon. You can only get attacked by one Skeleton at a time because the whole of this half of the dungeon is Single-Combat.


The scenery is the same for the whole of this half of the dungeon, but when you enter the other half of the dungeon you may feel that you are in another dimension getting hit by monsters constantly.


It is packed to the brim with Shadow Hounds and Giant Skeletons. There are also some level 14 Giant Rats in the South-East corner of the dungeon for those who have already bitten off all of their finger nails. Protect from Melee is recommended.


Damis' Room

The room you fight Damis in is packed with Shadow Hounds and Giant Skeletons with more in the North than the South. You will have quite a lot of monsters attacking you at once if you run around in the North half of the room for about 10 seconds.


The monsters will stop attacking you if you stay in the room for about 15 minutes then, but you will get attacked on first sight if you go to the very South of the room or leave the room. It is recommended in this room to have Protect from Melee Prayer on at all times.



There are two ways to leave, and the first way is to teleport out (recommended), the second way is to climb the tall ladder that you climbed down to enter.






Level: 2

It is nice for your cat to catch, but not great for killing yourself. However, they have been known to drop the famed dry gore machine gun.


Giant Rat

Level: 14

Giant Rats can only be found in the far southeast corner of the dungeon.



Level: 20

They can be found in the room to the far east of the dungeon that Damis will appear in during the Desert Treasure Quest.


Shadow Hound

Level: 96

They are densely packed on the east half of the dungeon. The majority of the area that these can be found is a Multi-Combat zone.


Giant Skeleton

Level: 120

Giant Skeletons can be found throughout the dungeon and they are more densely packed on the east half of the dungeon, but in the west half of the dungeon there are quite a few places that you can stand without getting attacked.



Level: 124

Damis is fought during the Desert Treasure Quest to obtain the Shadow Diamond. He comes in two forms, the second of which is much more deadly than the first. Both forms are level 124.


The first form:

The second form:

Both forms drain your Prayer, but the second one will drain it at about 7 or 8 points per second.


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