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Runescape: Anima Rebalancing in Shattered Worlds

This week sees the long-awaited change to the rates of Anima gain in Shattered Worlds of Runescape. Alongside this come some fantastic Ninja fixes and patch notes for you to sink your teeth into. Read on for full details with MmoGah! MmoGah.com has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming market, which allows us to provide players with the most professional and outstanding services.



Shattered Worlds Anima Rebalancing


We’ve heard your feedback and the anima rates from Shattered Worlds have been increased significantly. Worlds 71 and above now reward 29m-37m+ of anima per hour, depending on your own personal combat capacities and the other random factors in Shattered Worlds.


The amount awarded for completing the challenges has also increased:


   •Bronze - 250,000

   •Silver - 1,000,000

   •Gold - 7,500,000


We’ve also adjusted the price of the huge Slayer lamps from the Shattered Worlds reward shop to 6m, to account for the new and improved anima rates.


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Patch Notes


The Ninjas are bringing a shed load of improvements in this week’s Patch Notes, including adjustments to Livid Farm and some more updates for F2P players. Check out some of the highlights below.


Free to Play:


   •F2P players can now receive and equip off-hand drops from bosses within Dungeoneering.

   •P2P off-hand equipment from bronze to rune that isn't otherwise locked behind membership can now be equipped by F2P players.

   •P2P main-hand claws, darts and throwing axes from bronze to rune can now be equipped by F2P players, who can now also smith steel studs.


Livid Farm:


   •The rune cost of the repair pouch spell was reduced to 1 Astral, 1 Cosmic and 1 Law rune from 2 Astral, 1 Cosmic and 1 Law rune.

   •The XP rates across the various activities were increased by 50%.

   •Bundled produce, logs and planks are now stackable in the player’s inventory.

   •Random events will now award the player produce points instead of runes upon completion.


See the full Patch Notes for further details of today's updates.


Enjoy those increased anima gains and make your Shattered Worlds experience even more rewarding. Thanks for reading. More news and guides of Runescape will be coming incessantly in MmoGah.




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