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New Skilling Outfits in Minigames of Runescape

This week, there are more ways than ever in Runescape to collect a range of skilling outfits formerly only seen on Treasure Hunter, and new options for how to display your chatbox. Read on for full details with MmoGah! MmoGah.com has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming market, which allows us to provide players with the most professional and outstanding services.



Skilling Outfits in Minigames


You can expand your collection of skill-enhancing garb by playing particular minigames or D&Ds:

   •Artisan (Crafting): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop

   •Blacksmith (Smithing): Artisans' Workshop – Random chance when successfully smithing ceremonial swords – increased if you get it perfect.

   •Botanist (Herblore): Flash Powder Factory – Bought from reward shop

   •Farmer (Farming): Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza – Bought from reward shop

   •Fletcher (Fletching): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop

   •Nimble (Agility): The Pit – Random chance on completion (successful or not)

Note that the corresponding headpiece-enhancement items are not currently obtainable via these methods.

We've also made it possible for Ironman players to play Stealing Creation, making the Crafting and Fletching outfits available to those who prefer to go it solo. Note that the other rewards in the Stealing Creation Reward Shop are not available to Ironman players.


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New Chatbox Options


The chatbox now has two modes, switchable by clicking the new cog icon in the chat interface and selecting 'switch mode'.

The first is very similar to the chatbox you know so well. We've just replaced the old hamburger icon with a cog, and moved the filter button to the right, to sit alongside it.



The new alternative mode has a range of the most-used options immediately to hand, with the rest just a click away in the options cog:



In this mode, you can also collapse the icons at the top, if you want to keep it really tidy:



As always, your feedback's much appreciated – let us know what you think.


Patch Notes


There's plenty going on in this week's patch notes, including some F2P updates from the Ninja team:

   •The Wilderness Sword 4 can now be reclaimed from Mr Ex in Edgeville for 100,000 coins.

   •A Junk refiner can now be used all in one and will adjust to display how many components a player can receive based on charges and junk available.

   •Soothsayer Sybil has more to say about the one true, triumphant warden.

   •Friends list and Friends chat dividers once again remember their positions upon logging in.

Dungeoneering map:

   •Lower transparency and a coloured border to help it stand out.

   •Now automatically updates player markers when either teleporting to a gatestone or using a home teleport.

Portals and teleports:

   •Players can now teleport to the inside of the door to Telos when using the Max Guild's bossing portal.

   •The Nex bossing portal will now teleport players outside of the main door if Ancient Ceremonial is equipped.


   •Splitbark armour is now equipable and tradeable for free players. This can be made with original ingredients by Wizard Jalarast in the Wizard's Tower.

   •Snakeskin armour, turoth boots and basilisk boots are now equippable for free players, as are crossbows and bolts up to and including rune (unless locked behind members' content).

   •Hollow bark, fine cloth, and snake skin/hide are now tradeable for free players.

   •A larger variety of combat abilities are now available on free worlds.

   •Free players can now use the price checker on members' items.

See the patch notes for further details of today's updates.


With more ways than ever to expand your array of skilling gear, this might just be the week to get that much sought-after 99. Whatever you're training, have fun. Thanks for reading. More news and guides of Runescape will be coming uninterruptedly in MmoGah.


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