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  • How to Avoid Being Cheated in RuneScape
    By Doris2017-04-20 00:00:00

    There are many ways that some RuneScape players choose to spam other RuneScape players to get personal benefits. You will be amazed at how a liar program might be a complicated player to get personal benefits. No matter in which way, you must be concerned about these dishonest players. Here are some tips to tell you how to avoid being cheated in Runescape.


    1. Carefully observe the second trade screen closely before accepting

    Do not hurry to judge, because some people secretly exchange items at the last minute.




    2. Report potential scams

    If you find a player trying to cheat, inform the others around you to ignore the player and report him or her. Help others experience a bad fate before it happens.



     3. Know what the "real" value of items is when trading

    When you trade an item, it shows the value of the item, but you're not subject to trading restrictions. You must pay attention to the price of item closely to avoid being cheated by the fair trade.


     4. Avoid giving any personal information, especially passwords 

    Be careful of your password, such as a credit card or social security number! Even if it is next to a relative or friend, one action may change your account significantly.


     5. Do not go to the Wilderness to trade

    This act of scamming is called "Temptation". Remember that the Wilderness is the only place where the deal is unsafe and you are likely to be killed by players. Depending on your level, you may be killed more or less in the wilderness, so don't go there.



     6. Do not listen to anyone asking to follow them

    It is possible that they will take you to the Wilderness and kill you. One suggestion is to tell them that you need to go to the bank first and see how they react. If you decide to follow someone else, please be aware of the surroundings. Be aware of where you want to go. If you arrive at a Wilderness Danger sign, don’t jump the wall. Stop following the person immediately and keep yourself safe. You should not enter a place where you know another player, including hostile and high-leveled creatures such as the Kalphite Queen and ice warriors.


     7. Do not talk to people who say "I’ve been hacked", "I just got killed" or "I'm poor and need more items"

    They're usually lying. It will encourage more begging and cheating on their items.


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