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Guide to Dungeoneering Skill in Runescape

By Shirley Huang2017-05-19

Dungeoneering is a skill which involves raiding the vast dungeons of Daemonheim by solving puzzles, unlocking doors, fighting monsters and Bosses. It is open to both non-members and members.

Unlike other RuneScape skills, Dungeoneering takes place underneath an old castle named - Daemonheim, which contains a dungeon of 60 floors with six different themes: Frozen, Abandoned I, Furnished, Abandoned II, Occult and Warped. If you obtain armors and weapons in Daemonheim, you can’t take them out of the dungeons, but you can accumulate tokens to spend, which enhances skills and combat level outside the dungeons. It offers zero risk to your ordinary game items, which cannot be taken inside. Also, you can keep your Dungeoneering items if you die within Daemonheim. Here MmoGah as a professional rs gold site would like to share Dungeoneering skill with you.


The current minimum requirement to be ranked for Dungeoneering is level 15. There are many members have achieved level 99 or level 120 in Dungeoneering.

The skill is trained entirely within the dungeons of Daemonheim, and you can gain experience, such as XP lamps. However, one time experience is available for entering Resource Dungeons.



There are 60 floors to Daemonheim. The higher floor you grind, the greater XP and higher level you will obtain. To access a given floor, all players in the party must have a Dungeoneering level: at least twice number of floors, and then minus 1.

For example, level 39 is required to unlock floor 20 ((20 x 2) - 1 = 39). Moreover, to unlock a floor, the previous floors must be cleared once the player reaches the next level. For example, a player with level 38 Dungeoneering completes floor 19 and later reaches level 39, he must complete floor 19 again, then unlock floor 20.


Skill requirements

The dungeon will always be accommodated for the lowest level member in your party. However, if players own high stats, many of the dungeon doors will be easier to open. For efficiency purpose, you should reach some skill levels:
- A minimum of 120 combats including Summoning.
- A total level of 2000+.
- High prayer level, and level 80+ will be good.
- Magic level 64+ for group gatestone teleport.
- Complete the quest of The Temple at Senntisten.

- Prestige is the most important thing that affects your XP rate. You can receive prestige xp after completing a floor.


Party Member

Unlike other skills that are trained alone, players can cooperate to train in groups of up to five players, receiving much experience per dungeon, although solo is possible and widespread. Most players would like to grind the deeper floors with a group rather than a solo. While completing these dungeons, players may earn experience in other skills by accomplishing various skill-related tasks. The items and skill materials involved are all different to their counterparts on the surface.

There are a number of methods you can use to form or join a party. You must be in or near the castle's courtyard to join up with other players.


Solo: Raid a dungeon by yourself, simply don't invite any other players.

Pick-up group: Go through the "free-for-all" barrier or into one of the themed dungeon rooms to automatically be placed in a party or a solo dungeon. When entering one of the themed rooms, you will be presented with an interface where you must choose the floor you wish to raid, and you will only be placed in a party with players who have chosen the same floor as you. You can also see the number of players queuing for a certain floor in the room.


How to start?

You must place your items and combat gears in your bank before heading into the dungeons. There are only some items can put in the bank: the ring of kinship, orb of oculus and a number of experience boosting pendants, such as Pendants of Skill and Prized pendants of Skill. You can find a Fremennik banker just outside the courtyard, speaking with him, who can sail you to a peninsula on the east side of the wilderness.

A castle courtyard is located in the middle of the peninsula. In the courtyard, there are several entrances to different realms of the dungeon. Outside the courtyard, the Dungeoneering tutor can describe the highlight of the skill and give you the ring of kinship.


How to reach?

As Dungeoneering is trained primarily in Daemonheim, players need to travel to its location on a huge peninsula off the east coast of the Wilderness. Keep in mind that starting or joining a party in Daemonheim always requires using the ring of kinship in a player's inventory, so player always needs to bring a ring of kinship.

Boarding a Fremennik ship at either the dock behind the Al Kharid bank or the dock in south-west Taverley. Players arrive at the edge of the Daemonheim peninsula and follow the path to the castle. This is the recommended method for those players who without Rings of kinship.


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