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Dimension of the Damned: All-New Survival Mode to RuneScape

RuneScape's Dimension of the Damned is a new, "survive-at-all-cost", PvE competitive gaming experience. This is accessible after an update on 16 October 2017, lasting ten days. MmoGah shares with you how does it work.



Pit yourself and your friends against the undead in Dimension of the Damned and compete for the unique title of King/Queen of the Damned and a host of prizes - the ultimate PvM challenge.


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Start the one-hour timer using your HUD in-game and rack up points while slaying as many zombies as you can to secure your place on the leaderboard. You can restart the clock to improve your score as many times as you’d like. The top 1,000 players after ten days will make it through to the finale on the 28th for the chance to win a selection of sought-after prizes, including (but not limited to) lifetime membership, an all expenses paid trip to Jagex and 200M GP.




  • There is no PVP in this mode, even in the deepest part of the Wilderness.
  • All players start with maxed stats and starter gear.
  • Catching Zombeism from bites saps your health, but you can stave off the effects by taking antidotes and/or consuming modified shrimps prior to battle.
  • These (and other useful items) can be obtained from Zkrik’s shop in Falador using bottle corks. You can also get them from supply drops, but you'll only have three minutes to find the crate.
  • Falador is a safe space where the dead don’t rise. You’ll be escorted back there by white knights if you become inactive, and you’ll respawn there if you die. However, players with Zombeism can’t pass through the gates.
  • Banks across Gielinor will be open for use. Space is limited though, and you’ll have to pay for it in bottle corks.
  • You can read about the rules for the finale here.


The video below details how to win Dimension of the Damned:


The chance to compete for a place in the Finale ends in ten days, so don’t delay. You’ll also be able to see how the Jmods fare in Dimension of the Damned during Tuesday’s live stream! Note that Dimension of the Damned is only available in NXT - Click here to download the client!


Patch Notes

You can read the full list of this week’s updates on the patch notes forum thread.

Enjoy the play! 


Live Streams this week

You can watch the team’s streams and find out more information on their Twitch channel:

Tuesday, October 17th – 12:00-17:00 UTC (Game Time) – JMods take on Dimension of the Damned

It’s a case of survival of the fittest (or the least rubbish). Join a team of unsuspecting JMods as they each try to kill as many zombies (and die as little as possible) in an hour.

Expect the unexpected. And screaming. And possibly some rage-quitting.


Friday, October 20th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Patch Notes Preview

Join Mod Shauny for a review of next week’s tasty Patch Notes!


Sunday, October 22nd – 19:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Top up your PvM tactics with your weekly dose of monster-killing with Mod Lee!


Keep checking back for more RuneScape Gold information, including the latest RuneScape news, guides and tutorial.




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