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5 Tips for Double XP Weekend and Brand-New Blueprints of RuneScape


RuneScape Double XP Weekend will be running from Sep 15, 12:00 UTC to Sep 18, 12:00 UTC. During this time you will want to maximize your gains, let’s get on into Scape Mates’ 5 top tips to help you get most out of this weekend and save your money: 



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Time to Train 

Double XP Weekend is the best time for training, Time to Train is back to help you on your way, with all-new Protean Power-Ups.

From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 13th September to 23:59 UTC on 18th September, there will be a whole host of training-enhancing items available on Treasure Hunter.

  • Prismatic Lamps
  • Prismatic stars
  • Dungeoneering tokens
  • Silverhawk feathers
  • Protean Packs
  • Advanced Pulse Cores
  • Portable skill stations
  • Skill outfit pieces
  • Spirit onyx
  • Training dummy crates
  • Protean Power-up

Keep an eye out for the brand new Protean Power-Up, which speeds up the rate at which you train with all protean items for 5 minutes per use. Stack them up for up to 2 hours of speedy training at a time! This is your best chance to get those levels you’ve been striving for, so head to Treasure Hunter and stock up.


Extended XP Boosts on Invention Blueprints 

What follows behind the Double XP Weekend is the next big batch of Invention content which hits on 18th September, the update will bring brand-new blueprints. 

The RuneScape team don’t want you to miss out on those lovely bundles of Invention XP or wait until a future Double XP Weekend to discover them, so they are extending the +50% XP boost for blueprint discovery for two weeks following release. Note that other Invention training methods will not be boosted after Double XP Weekend ends.


  • Feel free to train Invention to your heart's content over Double XP Weekend. It'll only give you access to more of those new blueprints, which you'll be able to take full advantage of in the following two weeks. 
  • There is no need to hold onto Inspiration. It's being removed with the update on the 18th, so use it up! 
  • When Monday comes, don’t wait, please do unlock any new blueprints right away.


Hope you have an amazing Double XP weekend!


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