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What are the Most Useful PoE Items

When you play Path of Exile for several days, you will find that there are many poe items in this game, and some of the poe items are very useful, which can help you to level up your outfits especially for green hand players. So what kind of items do we need and the most helpful for us? Let’s talk about this in the following.


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Shavronne’s Wrappings

In poe it is called Shavs also, this chest armor is one of the most expensive PoE items because it has property "Chaos Damage. Also it does not bypass Energy Shield" along with a good amount of energy shield. Because of this, the property makes tons of glass cannon builds possible. It is unique in the way that it gives the mod “Chaos Damage cannot bypass energy shield” which is only found on Solaris Lorica. This is BIS for all Low-Life builds.


Voll’s Protector

This is a good poe item which can be used for all life-based COC builds. It is an incredibly powerful item that is also very cheap. It generates power charges better than any other items or support gems. When a power charge expires or consumes, this unique item gives endurance charges. This almost doubles the damage on any discharge builds. The main builds they are used for are Mjolner and COC-Discharge.



Compare to the one item above, this is an expensive poe item due to "Skills Chain +1 times" and “30% chance to Cast Socketed Lightning Spells on Hit” properties, reflecting the mythological weapon, it takes from inspiration. A popular one-handed mace seen as an enabler of many builds, its most prominent use is in a build called "Rainbownuke" due to the appearance of its skills' discharge.

Atziri’s Acuity

These gloves are well known for the unique mod they provide, as you know, “Leech applies instantly on Critical Strike”. This makes them a great choice for all crit builds.



This is a greatly sought-after unique amulet which can offer +80 to +100 to all attributes. Usually it is paired along with Mjolner, both of these unique items are prized for their huge stat boosts.



It is another one of the most expensive items in PoE, you can steal mods from rare monsters upon killing them. It is powerful players often have to take extra measures to find it, including stacking up on magic find by using divination cards, using Orbs of Chance on items. This is a belt which gives you the mods of a rare monster that you kill for only 20 seconds. It gives high strength, dexterity, and very high life. It is usually used as an extra item to cease on any builds basically.


Doryani’s Invitation

It is a belt which is dropped by Atziri, there are 4 versions - physicals, cold, fire, and lightning. It's a well-rounded belt that gives armor, damage, resistances, and a chance to freeze, ignite, or shock. It also has elemental leech, which can go well with either a crit build or just large amounts of damage.


Divination Distillate

It gives +6% to maximum elemental resistances while in effect. This item provides 40-60% item rarity or 12-18% item quantity, which makes it useful for farming runs.

Lightning Coil

Due to its cheap price point this item is often overlooked. It can mitigate 22.5% of physical damage taken and works well with both armor and evasion builds. Sometimes cheap ones also give you help.


Rumi’s Concoction

This gives you an armor boost, along with a block/spell block during flash effect. Because they're truly convenient, and almost all classes can use them. Such a powerful flask makes it very much sought after, so you might actually pay attention to something as seemingly simple as a potion flask in PoE.


Void Battery

For most caster builds these wands are BIS. When you need to duel they synergize very well. Additionally, there have been some COC void battery builds with the addition of the Assassin sub-class.


Taste of Hate

This one is mostly for physical damage builds that use armor for damage mitigation. It gives you "30% of Physical Damage taken as Cold Damage during flask effect” as you can then have high cold resistance to negate most of that 30%.

Atziri’s Disfavor

The price-power ratio is insane! These are one of the best two-handed weapons in the game! Only a few other two-handed weapons can surpass this, and most of them cost much more. Some builds can be used with Earthquake, Cyclone, and possible even Flicker Strike!



This item is the only one in the game that offers “Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance”, nothing else comes close. Certain builds benefit from Arrow Pierce greatly, such as Poison Arrow builds.



This one is more effective farming as it has 85% increased rarity if it has perfect implicit and perfect roll on the ring. That's perfect for high builds designed for full-on farming. If you want to start profiting in the game through farming, this item is a must.


Above is the guide to PoE useful items, welcome all players to read this. If you want to know more news about PoE, please visit us.


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