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Skill Gems in Path of Exile

What are Path of Exile Skill Gems? Skills follow a traditional path in RPG. You can acquire skills through experienced user moves up the ladder to equip and use the skill as a basic. Becoming a medium level player or expert/grandmaster will be the dream of all players. Skills range from the staple bunch which users are automatically given. In Path of Exile, skills are acquired through gems. Skill gems can be obtained in multiple ways which include loot drop from killing enemies, purchasing from vendors, and quest rewards.


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Using Skill Gems

You can use skill gems when you have them equipped. You will find the skill presets in the bottom right corner of the UI. They will be placed in this area automatically as you equip skills. Pressing the corresponding keys or buttons will activate the skills.


If want to use different skills or you have more skills than buttons, you can place the mouse cursor over the skill or button to change the left mouse button, it will bring up all your skills. You can then choose one you want and map it to that button.


Support Gems

Gems have own attributes. Not all gems drops are the same. You can find 2 types, skill and support. There is a very significant difference. Skill gems give you skills where support gems enhance the skills. Support gem icons are usually more circular in nature and they will have the word support in the title. These are important as they can make skills much more powerful.

Leap Slam

Most likely a Marauder, basically Leap Slam makes your character jump high up in the air at a distance and land with devastating force, damaging enemies in the surrounding areas with a chance of knocking them back. This is a familiar skill to anyone who has been playing action role-playing games for a long time. The melee attack must be used with melee weapons and it requires amount of Strength.


Leveling Up

As you gain experience, Path of Exile skill gems will be used for leveling up. They will get a slight boost to their stats with each level. You will get an indicator on the right side of the screen when a gem approaches next level. The indicator will have a plus symbol appear when it is ready to level up. Pressing this will then move the gem to the next level. Keep that in mind, the skill gems will not level unless they are on a piece of armor or weapon that you currently have equipped.


Molten Strike

This is an attack skill that consists of an initial single-target fire melee attack, then followed by an AoE fire projectile attack. The area of effect of the projectiles spread throughout a 270-degree arc within a radius of 5 to 20 units, which can then be enhanced for better effect and more damage. The various properties of the magma projectiles, as well as the melee fire attack itself, give this skill plenty of damage that can then be enhanced with other support gems.

Spectral Throw

It is an interesting projectile skill using your current melee weapon, like how the Norse god of thunder Thor would throw his hammer Mjolnir with devastating effect and have boomerang back to his hand. It will come back to his hand if the character moves after throwing the weapon. This skill has a 100% chance to pierce through enemies. You can augment it with Multiple Projectiles though, as well as damage modifiers, range, and projectile speed for greater effect.


Decoy Totem

You can augment Decoy Totem with Increased Totem Life for more durability. The Decoy Totem is great for acting as a meat shield that draws enemies away from you, which then enables you to hit them with some other skill that takes them out in that area.


Fire Trap

Basically, it’s a trap skill that can trigger an explosion, leaving the fire in its wake that damages all enemies. You'd think that traps don't get as much use in this game, but Fire Trap has special utility even in the late game as it's useful for doing extra damage while kiting enemies.

Some Tips

As long as you have links between all the gems, support Gems can stack on top of each other, you can use many support gems to keep enhancing a skill. The support gems that you use must be different. Using two of the same kind will not add 2x effect. Each skill in the toolbar will have every support link indicated by a letter. This is an easy way to identify whether your links are set up or not.


If you think you might use one in the future, keep it in a socket and it will continue to gain levels. Gems will level up even when you are not using them. Using a jeweler’s orb to change them, and using an orb of fusing to change the links. Be aware! A chromatic orb will change them. This is totally random and you can use an amount of orbs for getting the setup you want.


The above is the article about poe gems, for every player reference. If you are interested in more poe news, please visit us.


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